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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fankenstein #2 cover

Not sure if I should be putting this us. But It's been approved and everything so what the hell. I can always take it down later.

Well I didn't get any really good/way off answers to my last post. I was looking for more things like Atheists are:

Perverts, Child molesters, rapists, practice beastiality, are unintelligent heathens who should be stoned to death. All of which I have heard before. I was just kind of looking for reasons why some of these things are assumed.

How about another question? What do you think of Biofuels? Personally they are not ready yet and they should NOT be using food for them. Have you tried to buy corn oil lately? A gallon has almost doubled in the last year. People in Mexico were rioting because the price of corn went so high they couldn't afford their tortia/taco shells. These were cheap food stuffs that the poor could afford. Now their food is too expensive. Biofuel's sound great to me. They are trying to make fuel from the cellulose of plant stems and the like but until they do our food supplies are going to suffer, not a smart thing.

Well that's it for not. Almost done with Frankie #1:)




Anonymous said...

Where do you people find all these asshole atheists? I barely know any others personally, and the ones I do are not even remotely like the ones I keep hearing described. Do you ask everyone you know whether or not they believe in any gods? It just seems like something that wouldn't come up unless probed, and seems so ridiculous to me to think that you a) search out atheists and further, that b) once you find them, they almost invariably turn out to be the perfectly cynical curmudgeons you expect them to be. I just have to assume that the way atheists think is so alien to the way someone who believes in the supernatural thinks that they misconstrue the signals they are given as something negative or hostile. To be perfectly frank, I'm more than fed up with these constant sort of "observations". Oh, and I HAVE encountered the things Brett talks about. It ranges from puzzlement and dismissal to outright venom and opinions that "the only good atheist is a bad atheist". It IS out there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should read "the only good atheist is a DEAD atheist".

Warmaiden said...

I never said I ever met any asshole atheists...not sure about everyone else. Frankly, everyone I've known were close friends of mine or people I really liked. And really, what is an Atheists? Most everyone thinks a Atheists is people who choose to not believe in God, from any religion. I don't believe in God, and I known a butt load of people who don't either, but that isn't to say that I and many others don't believe in some kind of higher power. We choose to not put a face or name to it. I just don't think that anything in the Bible is true or that some white guy with a big beard controls the universe. The only worth wild things in the bible and from the church that is worth anything to me, is its core values and teachings. You really don't need a 2 thousand year old book to tell you to be a good person.

Finding Atheists really isn't that hard. In fact, most young 20 somethings don't have any real opinion on the matter. If you asked the same age group 30 years ago they probably would have said out right, "sure I believe in God. Without a doubt." Even the churches claim that attendance is way down and people just don't want to enter into their services anymore. Does that mean that religion is dying out? Could be. The average 13 year knowns more today about the world which we live in then anyone else in history. The answers are out there...of course not the really interesting one...but the basic stuff that people looked towards in the past, we known and understand in one manner or the other. Also, I am a writer and artist working in the game industry as I have said. I am sure Brett has come across more then his fair share of artist that have radical views on the world, religion and politics. Its just the nature of being an artist to question everything around you, so you do come across more Atheists then I care to remember. And when a bunch of people are all in the same boat, working towards the same goal, hanging out drinking, you get a talking. Sometimes I do get pissed off not liking what they are saying...mostly in terms of the country/military or war, but I wouldn't go as far to say that they are assholes at all. Most Atheists I guess I am trying to say, are really interesting people with really out-there views on our world...if not cynical and the glass is half empty views.

Warmaiden said...

PS, the cover looks great Brett. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with this project.

Anonymous said...

Well, okay, that's more clear. It just sounded to me like you were painting the majority of atheists with the selfish and cynical brush (I took the asshole thing more from a combination of things I've heard than necessarily from you specifically, it was an ill-chosen shortcut word on my part). Even looking further down this blog, you find people talking about how most of the atheists they have met are strange and condescending, etc. I just find it odd that people seem to have only met atheists with negative character traits. I also find it odd that people know so many atheists, apparently. I mean, the few that I do I actually knew for quite some time before I found out they were atheists. It just didn't come up in conversation, it wasn't something any of us were immediately curious about. I knew I was one, and that it tended to make people uncomfortable, and maybe they felt the same way, so we just never shared. I suppose I should confess now that I live in the Midwest, that may be a situation more common to folks in my area. :)

Brett said...

Wow, I don't go online for the night and you guys are just chatting away:)

I do believe that a lot of Atheists are arrogant or smug. They also believe that all religion should be abolished. While I'm on the fence about that. I like the religion myths, they make great stories, in fact I was watching a few religious documentaries on the telly last night. Got a few ideas. I recently watched an effigy burning of Dawkins the other day. Atheists were up in arms about it. It was lame and in poor taste but not nearly as bad as they were making it out to be. I'm thinking it's human nature to go over the top and exaggerate things:)

I've actually read a website were it tells people to find out who the Atheists are and warn your neighbors. Fr they will steal and molest your children. It was really funny and really sad that some people believe this stuff.

We run off solar ourselves. I think they should work on some sort of retrofit for older vehicles, to make them hybrids. I don't think risking the food supply for fuel is the right thing to do at this point:)

Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't feel comfortable making blanket assertions about groups of people based on anecdotal evidence. It also disappoints me when one direction of such behavior is condoned while the opposite is decried.

Anonymous said...

In my perfect place, everything is made out of granite. All the trees are burned; specifically to create more space for more skyscrapers. All the air is made from test-tubes while black tarmac spans for miles on end, swarmed with gas-guzzling cars. People can feel hot friction in their bones from absorbing too much radiation. The ozone layer is made out of H2SO4. All the water is pure acid; strong enough to melt titanium. Jet-fighter planes leave contrails of napalm.

I sounds ridiculous. But at least we'd have barbecues! Fueled by Biofuels!! We'd cook BBQ corn with Corn-oil fuel!