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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Robert Bakker interveiw

For those of you interested in paleontology this is an interesting interview. I don't agree with the religion VS. science section but he is a Pentecostal minister, and yes he does believe in evolution. And since this is a dinosaur post here's a dinosaur too;)




Mountaineer_Elf said...

What a great interview! I hung out and went digging with Dr. Bob Saturday, and after spending hours with him inside a small trench as I kicked rocks down on his head, I can totally see his facial expressions and hear his voice in this interview.

His response was always something along these lines : "And that's why women can't be astronauts."


"And that's why a woman can't be president."

Thanks for the heads up!

(Scoffs at Jack Horner before leaving)


Anonymous said...


I just LOVE that black dinosaur! I don't know anyone who's tried that before! He looks so much more lithe than the others too. The small feathers on the arms and tail are just wicked!

"OK, you have some skill..."
-The Matrix


Brett said...

LOL! Oh Erin I would have loved to see that;) I've seen so many interviews with him I hear his voice and inflections in the interview. I'm sooo jealous right now;)

Raid, he's more of a juvenile than adult, that's why he's thinner. I haven't see a black dinosaur before but I'm sure I'm not the first. And thanks!



Brett said...

I'm posting this hear for a reason. Steve has challenged me to provide evidence that 'provides an example of Evolution which is observable, falsifiable, and repeatable.'

I have done this. Now he will say these aren't good enough or they don't prove speciation to his satisfaction, which is funny since he's an artist with so scientific background and a steadfast creationist. And I'm supposed to take his word over that of biologists? He will now want evidence of a fish turning into a reptile or some other such thing (which we have but since it's a fossil it won't count;).) I give him what he wants and he moves the bar again.

Ah the creationist propaganda machine rolls on.