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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Megaraptor as a Carcharadontosaur!

Just a quick sketch of my version of what Megaraptor would look like if it was a Carcharadontosaur.

I'm REALLY tired today. I'm only working at 25%, the dogs and the wind were not kind last night. I did manage to watch Cloverfield. Which was cool, but the monster was.... I don't know, kind of weak. I think it was the back legs, they just seemed wrong to me, especially for an aquatic beast. If you're going to create an American version of Godzilla, it's got to be kool looking. It was interesting but not something I'd buy as a toy. It reminded me of War of the Worlds (Cruise addition) meets Freakylinks (which is now on Mondays and Saturdays on the Chill network!) I did like the movie. Almost everyone dies!

I might finally watch Juno tonight, we'll have to see if I can stay awake, I don't do well on 4 hours of sleep anymore.




Mountaineer_Elf said...

I didn't realize it was a water creature, but I haven't seen the DVD with the special features.

I chalked it up to being an alien. That, and it's just a baby. Maybe it hasn't grown its aquatic stuff yet? lol

I loved it as well! What drives me crazy is people that say they don't like it because there wasn't an explanation of the creature in the end.

And I ask, "how the hell do they know what it is if they're a bunch of wankers with a video camera and not scientists?" Juno if you can. It's an amazing movie!

Brett said...

Hi Erin,

They never actually state were it comes from, but since it first appears in the NY harbor, I'd assume that it water born, plus due to the size like Godzilla, which they constantly compare it to on the DVD, it would have to be mostly aquatic to stay undetected.

I would have like more info on the beast but since it's not one of those movies I didn't expect it.

Juno will have to wait a few days, maybe tomorrow, Bones and House are on tonight and then Freakylinks!



Anonymous said...

Thats 1 sexy beast. :)

Hey why havent you commented about that christian rock concert in Canada where the whole church floor collapsed. Thats too funny even god hates chrisitan rock. I wonder if crazy Ann Coulter could explain the religous meaning behind that?

from a friend who likes your work inked :D

Anonymous said...

Juno is pretty good. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Even has basically a Pro-Life view of conception; even if they portray the one Pro-Life protester in horrible stereotypical non-realistic fashion. But nothing is realistic about Juno, but it is entertaining.

I'll have to check out Cloverfield again; see if I get motion sickness the second time.


Brett said...

Anonymous, please sign you posts so I know who I'm talking to. If not I will call you Bob;)

I read about the falling Christians, pretty darn stupid. The minister/priest guy didn't bother to check if the floor could hold that many people. Why was this not outside? Ah well, this isn't as bad as the crazy guy Down Under who kept his daughter in a cell for 24 years and had 7 children with her. Ick.

Ah Steve, will you ever just stop and enjoy the movie without making it political?;) If she didn't have the baby then there would be no movie! Plus this kind of thing can be pretty darn funny, not quite as funny as the raving fundies but close.

I didn't get the same motion feeling things on this as I did during the Blair Witch. Much more comfortable.