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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The voice of tolerance... not

I've seen this on some of the blogs I read for about a week. Every time I read it I get more incenced. This liberal DEMOCRATE in Illinois is funneling big bucks through a Christian school, to help a church that the school is affiliated with pay off back taxes. Somebody called her on it, and the guy happens to be an Atheist. Go here for more info: Idiot in the heartland.

These are the people who represent us and while some of you might agree with her the constitution does not. This kind of religious stranglehold needs to be toned down. This is why I'm so vocal about this stuff. Not everyone in this country is the same religion wise. So why is OK if your a Muslim or a Hindu but not an Atheist, is it just because we don't believe in a higher being, just humanity? Why is this even still an issue? The separation of church and state NEEDS to be there, it protects not only the government but the church. Sometimes I think that if Australia got all the criminals we got all the nuts.



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