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Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is interesting

Pastor Hagee's view of the Holocaust video.

Here's his view in text form.

He's claiming it's god's will.... I really don't know what to think. On one hand if you are a believer it does make a bit of sense, if he's reading it correctly. God needed a way to get the Jewish people back to Israel. But you might also feel that God could never be so cruel. I'll leave that alone. I think McCain was a little quick to jump in the sack with him, but he needed some conservative street cred;)

Update, McCain has official rejected Hagee's endorsment.

I know Israel is the 'homeland' but to be honest, if I was Jewish, you could get me back there for anything. To stick a lone small country of Jews next to large Muslim countries that don't like them? That's just asking for trouble! Plus it's not the nicest enviornment in the world. Heck, Texas is nicer, and they'd have more room... Of curse, we have the crazy Mormon cults!




Mountaineer_Elf said...

Wow...I'm amazed and a bit sickened by this. I understand the Biblical Old Testament God that needed to punish and use excessive force to have his masses retain their belief, but after Jesus died for everyone's sins...there really wouldn't be an excuse for mass annihilation of your "chosen" people.

To me...doesn't make sense. Seeing as we're not living in the Old Testament.


Warmaiden said...

Yeah pretty harsh. I guess that is why they say we don't know god's will for a reason. But I would add that if it wasn't for the British who took Palestine from the Ottoman Empire in WW1 in the first place, the Jews still wouldn't have had a place to go.

Brett said...

Hi Chris,

I still think sticking them back in Israel was a bad move. But no one forced them to go. You know far more about modern history that I do!