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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frankenstien book 1 volume 2 cover 1

Cover number 1 for the next Frank mini.


Baron said...

Hi Brett,

it looks fantastic ;)

Issue 1 and this second cover of 1 are the best covers of the Frankenstein mini.
I love it.
Will Jess color this ??? ;-)


Monster Scholar said...

I have been waiting so long for this! Looks terrific.

Crow said...

God, I love your work. Keep it up!

gary said...

I second that last comment!

Brett said...


Jess won't have time to color it, sorry:(

I had alot of fun with this. I do miss drawing Duecalion.

More covers soon...



Baron said...

Oh no, the best covers from you are when Jess have her hands on them...
Really miss her colorings.


Baron said...

Hi Brett,

i found a wonderful colorist on the net, for colouring some of your incredible covers, hi,hi.

So when Jess have no time to do it, maybe he can ;)

His name is --- Nei Ruffino ---

His homepage is

(On the site of ,he coloured an incredible piece of J.Scott Campbell called Miss April)

When you look at it, your eyes blow away...

Baron ;)

Gregg P. said...

Beautiful pencils as usual Brett!! I've got to get my hand on some of these pieces. :)