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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Primal 7

Page 7. Baron, that image you posted a link to was just a promo piece I did when we were supposed to be doing this project through Wildstorm. That is not the cover:) I know I have it somewhere, but it might take a bit of looking.



Baron said...

^^ sorry, i thought it was a cover, because it was signed by Vince Russell and you.
But it looks cool with the man in the black coat and the gun....

Brett long time no Sign of your Commissions ( Darkness, Pymra, The second Side of the Gunslingers...).
What´s up with them?

Have you any cool Sketches or Commissions from our Web swinging Spiderman love to see some.

I don´t know why marvel doing this mess with J.Scott Campbell, waiting nearly 4 Years for his run on Spidey and nothing :(
You are always my man for an run on Spidey, but i think Marvel will never give you the chance again
(Backlash & Spidey) was one of the best mini-issues what comes out in the late 90´s.


Baron ;)

Brett said...


I think that one was done in 98, the preview was supposed to come out in 2000.. I think.

I haven't done the commissions yet, several are started but I haven't had the urge to draw them. I don't like to draw them when I'm not in the mood, they don't look nice. Eventually I'll finish them, (the gunslingers part 2 has been started.)

Even if they asked I doubt I'd be real interested in Spiderman anymore. Comics continue with new stories and the Spiderman I liked is long gone.


Baron said...


so can we see some of your cool commissions of Iron-Man, Iron-Fist, Black-Spiderman & Goblin, Shadowpack and the other ones you had done in 2000-2001?
These Commissions are some of your best artwork i´ve seen.
They are so unbelieveable good ;)