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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome, Saluki People!

Boy, here I am, a total nobody in the dog world, yet this litter is already generating comments! Wow, I couldn't be more flattered. I will take care of them as they arrive, so keep checking this post for updates!

Mailing list comment: How very sad.
Yes, very sad that this co-owned bitch was bred with the blessing of her breeder. Sad that the pups new owners will be screened. Sad that these pups will sold with my standard contract stipulating that they be returned to me if the owner can no longer keep them, with a monetary penalty attached if the contract is violated (and I will gladly enforce that, if necessary.) Sad that they come with a health warrantee. Sad that pet pups will be sold under a spay/neuter agreement (but not too young, too many health problems with early spay/neuter.) Sad that they will be started on the Biosensor program when they are three days old, which will continue until they're sixteen days old. Sad that they will be weaned when Cida decides it's time to wean them, onto a diet carefully designed to avoid food allergies and balanced to NRC numbers (not that either parent has any allergies of any kind. I just like to be safe, having owned several dogs with food allergies.) Sad that they will begin drive training with a lure toy when they are about four weeks old. Sad that they will be crate trained. Sad that they will be socialized with dogs of all ages, temperaments and sizes, so they know how to act around adult dogs. People, too! Sad that they won't go to their new homes until they are ten weeks old. Sad that each pup will be microchipped and registered to both me and the new owner, for the pup's protection. Sad that the pups that go to live with Cida's breeder will be loved and cherished show dogs. Sad that once Cida has her figure back, she will go back to her breeder to be shown and visit her pups. Sad that the pups that stay here will get to spend fall and winter chasing rabbits, and summer digging holes to their hearts content. Sad that they live with people who work at home and can be with them twenty-four hours a day.

These will possibly be the saddest pups in the history of the world. Brett, of course, is so happy about these pups that he's practically dancing. The pups that here will not be spoiled a bit, I'm sure.

Keep watching this space, folks! More comments on the comments, as I get'em!

On to Part II!


Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am happily following the story of Cida's upcoming litter. The only thing that I am sad about is that I don't have room in my pack for a Saluki puppy! ((I currently have two rescue Greyhounds and three Borzoi)).


Sari said...

I thought The Stasi would be in Lompoc this weekend, but guess some of the nolife had to stay home to snoop if there is a litter somewhere.

Brett said...

Thanks Karla and Sari!

It took awhile for them to find us. It's amusing and sad at same time. They should be happy new people are breeding. Who's going to carry on when they can no longer do it? Chasing people away from a rare breed is so counter productive it's not funny.