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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to Hell, er, Texas. Yep. It's hot.

The nation's most drought-stricken state is deep-frying under relentless 100-degree days and waterways are drying up, especially in the hardest-hit area covering about 350 miles across south-central Texas. That's making folks worried about the water supply — and how long it might last.

Some of y'all know, we haul our water from in town. No wells out here, the water table is way on down there, and it wouldn't actually be drinkable anyways. Interestingly, everybody in the town we get our water from has to haul it, they no longer hook new homes into the town system. Even the people that live directly behind the water utility haul their water.

Here's an easy way to both cut down on the amount of water you use, and learn to really think about how much you're wasting: haul it all in a bucket. If you live in a house, haul all your water in a bucket from your garden hose. Live in an apartment, use the bathtub faucet. No showers, no baths, bucket baths only, wash all your clothes by hand or at the laundromat (most of them have greywater recycling.) Just do it for a week.

In the desert, water is more precious than gold. The dogs drink most of what we haul. Most of the rest goes onto plants after it's used. Here's an excellent resource for greywater stuff. Read. Learn.

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