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Friday, July 10, 2009

Primal 9


Baron said...

Hi Brett,

i found today some old issues of Backlash. :)
Oh Man, he´s so fantastic,dynamic, and powerful.Too bad that you havn´t time to draw him, Taboo, Jodi,....again.

Have you created some unpublished characters from the Wildstorm Aera?
At this time you were so creative in drawing Heroic characters.

I know you are not in the mood to draw some anymore, but i pray that you change your mind in the future an create some new cool Superhero characters. ;O)

PS: In a Anita Blake with Jean-Claude promo piece at the Comic-Con you showed us a Superhero in a green and yellow suit, with a mask, he´s swinging around, is he a creation from you too?
Would love to see more stuff of him.
Is he part of a team? Do you know his name? :)

I hope You & Jess and the dogs are doing well.


Brett said...

Hi Baron,

I have some later WS creations. I don't know if any of them were saved or not. One of the reasons why I left WS, was because they would only approve Backlash related projects. I got kind of sick of him.

Praying won't help, I've now developed a dislike of lots of characters as well;)

All the super heroes in that peice were sort of take offs of regular superheroes. That guy was a Spiderman rip. I don't own the right to the green guy, that's why I made up new heroes just for that piece. Oh, and he doesn't have a name.



Baron said...


thanks for answering my questions.

I can understand you a little, when you can only do art for something you don´t want anymore, and they don´t let you be creative in other projects not Backlash related, it´s hard.^^

I thought the green guy (incredible colors by Jess) ;)
was your creation for a future project, that you will show us as sneak piece.^^

What do you think it will cost, to buy the rights for this character, and what does it cost to produce a 4-issue limited comic with him as the main character?

I love him, he has so much
potential. If you have a creative team around you, a good story and with Jess on your side it can be a burner..
ok ok it will only happen in my dream, before i get a kick.. good night ;)