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Monday, January 25, 2010

Funny ID Takedown and a Quicky Sketch

Done on the computer, I don't have any new stuff to post, just pages waiting for approval and covers that I'm not allowed to show yet:( But once I get the OK, up they'll go.) For some reason I felt like drawing Taboo this morning.

I read this on a blog, it's a comment that I found really funny. I'm going to say this now, NO comments on it, you can talk about Taboo all you want but any ID/religious crap will be deleted. My head hurts too much for anymore shenanigans;)

DEEN said...

"There is no proof one way or the other for or against design intervention."
1. There is no scientific evidence of design intervention (but quite a bit of evidence of sub-optimal or even outright crappy design).
2. There is no known mechanism for design intervention.
3. Design intervention is not necessary for speciation and adaptation by natural selection to occur (both mechanism and evidence are available).
4. Therefore, science gives us good reasons to reject design intervention, and none to accept it.

"Both evolution (sans adaptation), and ID are not verifiable, since both are forensic investigations."
Except that the forensic detective of evolution has the DNA that shows that the butler did it, as well as the bullet traces that suggest what gun you may expect to find in his bedroom. Meanwhile, ID can only whine that there is no video of the act, so maybe the maid did it, even though there's no evidence she was even in the building that night.

Found over at: Zenoferox.




Baron said...


how long is it, that you draw her the last time?
when i see her, i must think about those old Backlash days and about
the Backlash/Spidey special,
about the fantastic Taboo/Backlash Swimsuit page ;)

She looks fantastic.


Warmaiden said...

Awesome...One of my fav characters I've almost totally forgot about.

She actually looks a lot better to me now then your older Image style.

I've tried drawing straight into photoshop but can never get the hang of it.

PS, picked up that Image United, or something and saw the current Backlash...gash, what have they done to him :*(

Cryostar said...


My favourite character from wildstorm. Thanks for posting the sketch up Brett.

Brett said...


I actually drew a sketch of her last year, but I was so out of practice I trashed it. It was really bad. But not counting that, the last time was in 2001 I think. It's been awhile;)


I hope it looks better! It would suck to be getting worse, I don't think I'm on the backwards slope yet! I always loved her, she was originally supposed to be used for a Demi Moore movie but that never happened so I asked Jim if I could use her in BL, I modified the costume some after the first issue since it was a bitch to draw.

Drawing Pshop is difficult. I have some practice since I make changes that are small in it for the novel adaptions. But a whole page... I couldn't do it.

No problem Cryostar:)



Warmaiden said...

Demi Moore as Taboo...eww.

One thing I was wondering about. In your older stuff, like in Backlash or Fantastic Four you have a lot of heavy shading, that stuff they called the Image Style, or whatever. But in your newer stuff you leave the shading out in most of your work and seem to leave it to the colorist to fill in. Is there a name for that style. I switched to doing that myself about a year ago and the results are better when the pieces are colored, but a bitch to see in black and white.

Jess said...

The name for that style is simply, no rendering. When the piece is not going to be inked the rendered (read: dark solid) areas do not look good. Brett has come to hate his work being inked, thus the rendering had to go. It works well when he gets a good colorist, not so well when he doesn't.