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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chuck Season 3 Starts Tonight and an anniversary!

Season 3 of Chuck starts tonight on NBC. It's 2 hours and then Chuck moves to it's old time slot on Monday so in the span of 2 days, 3 hours of Chuck! I have prepared for this by re-watching all of Season 2 and most of season 1 (I ran out of time!) This is one of my favorite TV shows so I'm all geeked out about it;D

As for the anniversary, yesterday was the 17 year anniversary of my first day of work as a comic artist at Wildstorm/ Homage/ Aegis Entertainment. I believe the phrase I'm getting to old for this applies;)




Fatboy73 said...

Congrats on 17 years in the biz Brett.From a fans point of view it's hard to believe I was drooling over you pencils 17 years ago.I even remember a getting to know you interview in one of the wildstorm books.They asked you why you think you were so popular at the time and you said something like uhh...probably because I'm pretty fast and can still put in all the detail the fans drool over.Amazing the crap that sticks in you head after 17 years huh?

Baron said...

Hi Brett,

congrats also from me for giving me 17 Years of Joy and Happiness... ;o)

I can still remember, when i hold your first Comic in my hands....
Wildcats 0 in 1993 (bagged in the Wildcats TPB).

Oooh man was it cool..since then i bought every comic where you had your hands at.

Keep up the good work. ;)

Baron ( Ö.)