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Friday, January 29, 2010

Circus of the Damned #2 Cover Layouts

Since I can't show the actual covers yet, I thought these might be interesting. For Anita I've been asked to do layouts and then Laurell picks which one she likes best. So, here are a few examples of cover ideas. These are all of Master Vampire Jean-Claude.

He seems to be saying "Hey, big boy.";)

Jean-Claude and Steven the werewolf.

Lounging in his leather chair, while contemplating world events... or new sexual positions, your choice;)

A bit closer, think he might have an idea... or a new position;)

Look in the May previews for a Stargate cover I did for Dynamite. We're still waiting on approval for Storm Front, so I'm finishing off the last pages of Vampire Huntress. I'm on page 19 now so almost done.

I've got a new sketch that I have to scan so I'll put that up when I get off my ass.




Savage Juno said...

Hey yourself, Jean-Claude. ;) Can't wait.

Thanks for posting. Love to see the process.

Jess of All Trades said...

Love to see the sketches! Thanks for Sharing.

Crow said...

OMG, are you going to draw more Anita? Thank you so much. I wish you would do another set of her comics. They are not the same without you.


Brett said...

No problem, once I get the OK I'll post the finals. You can try and guess which ones were picked;)


I'm just doing covers for Circus. Ron Lim was still under contract so I couldn't draw the book:( Maybe the next one:)



Crow said...

I hope so. I don't mind the current one (artist) but it's not the same. Lord knows I can't draw comic format.