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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Damn you Blogger!!!!

I can't upload anything larger than this, a stupid little thing I did to test it. Grrrr I hate when it does this. I had planned on posting a new Dresden page but that will have to wait. I just finished up Storm Front #7 and we're awaiting approval for #8. I'm working on a few covers, one for Dresden and the other I can't say yet, but it's not Anita Blake;)



Crow said...

OMG, that sucks! I hope you get it straighten out soon!


Adam "Pegasus316" Fullerton said...

Ouch, Dude.

That's annoying as hell! :P

(LTNS, by the way. We're all missin' ya over at dA. Not that I blame you for leaving one bit. Y'know... those of us who KNEW it was you. o_o)

Hope Blogger gets this stuff cleared up for you soon!

Ben Jones said...

Man i just moved out here near you somewhat (las cuces NM) weather is really weird out here

Brett said...

Crow and Adam,

It's done this before, takes a few days to get fixed. We've been having problems with Gmail as well. IT just stops working for about 2 hours starting at 7:00pm, weird.


Wait until tomorrow when that winter storm comes through. And then in March were it's windy EVERY day. We've been here 6 years and we're still not used to it. Ugh!



Adam "Pegasus316" Fullerton said...

Weird AZ weather, huh?

Even so, I'd be interested in spending a Winter down that way. Mainly 'cuz I'm sick of New England winters. >_<