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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Demons Theme Song By Starlight Mints

I've been watching Demons on BBC America. The show is OK, I don't like the American teacher guy, he's a jerk, but the rest of the cast is OK. They only did 6 episodes, but what I really like is the theme song, which is what the youtube video is. It's just he music so it loads fast:)




Marcus Hooker said...

I watch the show too. The "american" teacher has a terrible american accent. I don't know why they make him out as american when he's british and his accent sucks. But it's a good show. I'm still partial to Doctor Who.

Jess said...

This whole thing strikes me as funny because starlight mints, the red and white ones, are one of the 'five' things I can eat that don't make me sick. Funny.

We started watching the Dr. Who movies that were on last year; then *of course* David Tennant left and I'm not sure if I'm going to like this new guy. Never watched the show before then.

Logo has been running Buffy lately; much better than the Demons show.

Marcus Hooker said...

I don't know if I'll like the new guy either. I've watched the show since back when Christopher Eccleston played the doctor, he was okay, but David Tennant was better. The second season and the fourth season are the best. Freema Agyemann wasn't very good as the doctor's assistant, she ruined the third season for me.

Did you ever watch Little Britain, that show cracks me up, it's so hilarious!