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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Andrewsarchus anthro

An ancient relative to whales and goats, this might have been the largest mammalian carnivore found to date.

I approached this one a bit different than the other ancient beasts. Usually I find some good restorations and work from there, this time I actually started with the skull and added the flesh to that. The head shape is odd for modern mammals but it was similar enough that I could flesh it out rather easily. It's known only from the head so the body size is speculative, but it's relatives had proportionally larger head than modern carnivores.



Oh, and the Dinosaucers thing is now dead. Why redo something lame when you can come up with something better and new:)


WolfAtHeart said...

This is really cool!! I love all your carvivore stuff like this, just ready to pounce XD. Anyway, I think it's interesting that you gave him metal weapons instead of the stone ones that you usually give your extinct anthros. Just something I noticed. Looks great!

SpotWeld said...

this time I actually started with the skull and added the flesh to that.

Interesting. Ever consider starting with some object (that's not a skull) that looks skull-like and trying the same method... just to see what you end up with

Brett said...


I hadn't really noticed that. It's bee quite awhile since I've drawn and anthro so I sort of didn't remember that. Maybe he changed sides;)


Not really, if it's not a real skull then certain things won't make sense. Muscle depth, attachment points, ect. It would basically be me just making stuff up and while that's fun sometimes things get a bit too funky;)



MuffinHunter said...

Love it.