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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rhino Anthro

See I told you I had one;P


MuffinHunter said...

And here I thought you were referring to the faun a few pages back. How many different ways can I say how cool it looks? Yet another one I haven't seen, it's suddenly starting to feel like my birthday around here. :)

Inaire said...

I wish I could get all your adult anthro art. lol I don't really see it coming in any comics for the public. I had to look qutie a while just to find "freaks" I think of the best pics you have ever done is the huntress. The lioness side view with the polearm. I'm having trouble posting.

Brett said...

Hi Inaire,

I'm in talks with a company to produce an anthro book. So you might be getting your wish;)

I'll keep you posted.



Inaire said...

thanks. oh and by the way I'm working on away to make the art stealing theif pay. lol nothing to bad though.