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Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the end...

I have been informed by 'Big Thunder' over on the Newsarama boards that I can't draw women, at all, and that I apparently killed the Anita Blake comic. Some of the remarks were akin to my womens' waists are the thickness of a girls forearms and broken necks. I have chosen this image of a wisp of a girl to show the truth (although I'm not sure how broken her neck is) to prove his point as no woman has ever looked like this.

So I must now admit defeat, seeing as how 'Big Thunder ' is an absolute legend in the comic book forum business, and turn in my pencil and triangle. It's all over folks, nothing to see here, move along.

Good bye forever my scores of misguided fans and followers, I have wronged you in so many ways... Praise Jesus.


EDIT: FOR ALL THOSE COMMIN' OVER FROM THAT REVIEW THING, this is a JOKE post about someone on Newsarama. I guess people can't understand sarcasm very well or actually read since this post isn't exactly new. Now get off my lawn!


ETA 060710: Good grief, still getting hits from that review comment? This is why I'm quite glad all I ever post is cutesy dog pictures. I don't have to worry so much about my readers actual reading comprehension level. Oh, and commenter Jannet_Jazz? Your local community college should offer some adult literacy classes, sweetie. Maybe you should check them out. Also, look into help for the humor-impaired.

Brett's been in the business almost twenty years, people. Do you really think he's going to get that worked up about criticism and still maintain a public, accessible presence?



Maxim said...

Whatever the pompous horses ass over at Newsarama has to say about your work is that same such that comes out his backside. Which he is, undoubtedly, full of.
Your work has been, and remains, a credit to the word "art". How you draw women is just that, your work. How the women appear to him is entirely subjective. When I view your work, I see women who exude grace, sensuality, charm, and the moxy look of someone who could unexpectedly become dangerous. Which is ideal for the Anita Blake comics! Which is why I loved your work in that series, it was the perfect Anita and Jean-Claude! The joke of an artist who they've replaced you with has killed the series for me. As for "big thunder" words are a dime a dozen, usually worth much less when it's online. If the most he can do is rant online about how a woman's waist looks then he obviously is one of those critics who can't draw so would rather tear someone else down. If I am mistaken then I would like to see how his art work would compare to yours and judge based on that. It is nice to see so many people coming to your defense against him! They all certainly know great work when they see it! Keep up the excellent work, both you and Jess.

Brett said...

Hi Maxim,

Thank you for the kind words, truly. This was sort f a joke, I've had far worse slung my way. Unfortunatly I can't seem to get Newsarama to let me log in to post there, so I thought next best thing, I'l post it here and hope it makes it there. It's funny as hell to confront these guys as they back peddle right away. This basically just me having fun but I guess it didn't come across that it was satire, may bad there.

I'm hoping you like the Anita cover coming up, giant snakes, Larry and Anita in a foo-foo 1700's dress:)

Thanks again!



Brett said...

Jim Lee CLONE! LOL! Thanks now I'm coughing up green crap all over the computer. Don't tell Jess, she'll have a cow!



Archexecutor said...

That guy is troll. I can't see why you bother even mentioning him in your journal. That's giving him too much publicity and fame! From personal experience I can tell you two axioms: one- forums exist solely for the sake of trolls(that's why I've been off the boards for 4 years now, happy and carefree); and two- trolls don't deserve to LIVE, let alone be given attention, or, pardon the expression, God forbid- have an OPINION XD

Archexecutor said...

Then again, sometimes trolls CAN provide a good laugh :D

illustratorx said...

Newsarama has gone down in quality. The piece on Pat Lee and Dreamwave is hysterical. I miss Matt Brady and the way he used to run the site. Sure he deleted and edited my posts (usually only about the CBLDF) but he was always a worthy advisory.

I wish I would have known Brett can't draw before I used him for my how to draw books. If he is a Jim Lee clone then those who read my books are turning into clones of clones. If the movie Multiplicity taught me anything it is that clones of clones are a bad thing.


tkd_dbull said...

You know the old saying.. "Those who can't, just rip on those who are fan popular!" LOL..

Or you can blame "IMAGE" for your style.

By the way... Who is "Big Thunder? And who cares."

I know it's a joke. But as long as you say.. that the fans love your artwork and buy your books & artwork. I see nothing wrong with it... cough, cough, (Jim Lee) cough, cough, "maybe influenced" lol..

keep drawing


Jess of All Trades said...

Dang. Thanks for sharing. Good thing I found out now before I studied your stuff too much longer ;P

Toasty Comics said...

Man...I know all of this is just for laughs, but seriously- Brett, you have been such a huge influence in my art since I was 14 (now 29)and will continue to be forever. The only time I ever even heard your art being compared to that of a Jim Lee clone was when my friend was chatting with you online and you told him you had been compared as such- so what's my point? Your art looks nothing like Jim Lee's! Never has, never will. Hadn't even occured to me. J. Scott Campbell was influenced by Lee as well, but he doesn't draw like Jim either! Don't get me wrong, I like Jim Lee, I've met him, (J. Scott too, still yet to meet you)but then you might as well mark him as a Buscema clone as well. As for the guy that said you couldn't draw women? Well, if I wrote what I wanted to I would probably never be allowed on here again. I honestly don't recall a time I have ever seen you not be able to draw anything! I love the sheer elegance in your anatomy, both in male and female form. Your style was one of the few that caught my eye over the years.I say keep up what you are doing because it's YOU! Sorry for the long comment, but I've seen you leave deviantart due to other people's stupidity and have seen you annoyed enough and have never said anything about it, I felt I had to say something. Keep up the good work! Who knows- maybe one day people will call me a Brett Booth clone (my art is on myspace, just look for "GaboonViper")lol... bye for now

Fatboy73 said...

People like to throw around the word clone a lot when they're either not capable of or are just too lazy to distinguish the finer points in someones artistic style.Every artist working today and those yet to come have been at least marginally influenced by an artist that has preceded them.Hell you could even probably go as far as to generalize
that every comic book penciler today is just a Kirby/Fine/Toth/Eisner(and the list goes on) clone in one way shape or form as influential as they were.
Point is there is very little if nothing that hasn't been done already and the best you can do is hope to improve upon or somehow put your mark on the style or styles that influenced you.

Baron said...

Hi Brett,

you are one of the Top 10 pencilers in this business, and your art today is the best.

No one of those hyped pencilers have your quality.

Look how detailed your pencils are against the pencils of the other so called Artists.

As for the clone thing, every Artist, who get his first step in the comic busines look a little bit
how the other Big ones pencils the heads, legs, fingers etc.

Look over the other Big Artists they make big Money, a name, and pencil now really bad.

But you found your Style and this is good.
You impress me everytime.

Keep going on the way you go.

I will be a lifetime fan of
You & Jess.

Baron ;O)

Brett said...

Thanks everyone, really. While I was only joking it is nice to hear.

Now in an effort to show how lazy I really am I did a new blog post so any more squishiness by me will be on that blog post;)



Adam said...

What I don't understand is why there is so much anger on the web?
It's like some peoples only resone for living is to belittle and derate others online, it is really quite sad. Personally i thing your work at wildstorm was some of the best in the industry. Taboo and Zelot were fantastic...but my vision of a woman must be misinformed...oh if only i had found "Big Thunder" in my youth, my life would be soooo differnt! I mean I too could be a half blind ignorant artistically stunted troll...oh whoa is me.

Wait did i just sink to his level..i feel ill.

Oh and thank you for having a blog for all of us misguided fans,It is great to hear from the good artists and not just thier haters.

Savage Juno said...

I'm a little late weighing in on this (trying to catch up the blog), and I see that you're being funny and taking it all in stride (the "Praise Jesus" really tipped off the irony, btw), but I can't let the Anita Blake comment go without responding.

I've never been into comics. I only really got into this at all because I love early Anita Blake and happened to run across one of your covers online. I loved the art so much that I bought all of the series that my local shop had. What started out as interest because of the novels became an appreciation for the art. Your art. What ruined the comic for me? It stopped being ART (or at least good art) when you stopped drawing it. That's just my humble non-comic-educated opinion. Praise Jesus that you are doing the covers again.


Brett said...

Hi Leslie,

Thanks:) I actually tried to get back on the book but Ron is still under contract until Circus, but the cover are fun:)



BrendanC said...

Whoa Brett!

You're not going to believe this, but your comic has been reviewed by Atop the Fourth Wall!!

Check this out!

Lewis Lovhaug said...

If I may be preemptive since BrendanC above decided to link my review to you and subsequently someone pointed out in a comment on the review linked me here...

-If you do decide to watch the review, the reason why I'm doing a bad Frank Sinatra impersonation is due to a subplot within my videos not related to the review itself.

-I was not particularly critical of your artwork - in fact the only disparaging remarks that I recall towards it was that Anita Blake's nose seemed very tiny. Most of my critiques are lobbied at the writing, which you have no control over.

I have nothing against you or your artwork and I wish nothing but good health and success, Brett.

Brett said...

Hi BrendanC and Lewis,

That's not my artwork. That's Ron Lim, so I'm doubting the review has merit if you can't look at it and see that I'm not the artist. My wife does write the adaption which I'm told Ron doesn't always follow so what's the point in reading or watching the review.

As for the comment. Anita does were pink in the book since it's a brides maids dress that she hates. Doesn't sound like a very good fan if they can't even be bothered to read the book or comic.



Lewis Lovhaug said...

...If you'll excuse me then, I must go smack myself in the forehead for not checking that and then smacking whoever told me it was you. Good day, sir.