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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cat and a Bat (well ex Bat,) It's Sketch Saturday!

Catwoman is Sold. For some reason this didn't post right. GRRRRRRR

Red Hood is now sold.

So I'm trying to do something a bit different. Since I don't do commissions I thought maybe I'll do a sketch or 2 once a week. And maybe I'll hit a few who want commissions. This why I feel feel pressured to do something quickly and I can draw what I want.

So on Saturday I'll post the sketch and the first person who emails me about buying it gets it. Prices will range from $100 to $300 depending on the time.

Any questions? You can leave suggestions but I may or may not use them:)

Email is: brett booth at gmail dot com one word

Failed Red Robin (which we might might slip in somewhere) is still available.




Cryostar1177 said...

You have no idea how stoked I am at the chance for this, especially at the thought of the "c" word :P I was late on the draw today, pardon the pun, but we'll see next week.

future artist said...

The catwoman pic looks really great. And is it plagiarism to incorporate someone else's style of art into your own art? just wondering a friend brought that up some time ago. Au revoir.

Anthony said...

Please don't hesitate to sketch non-DC stuff! Some of us would jump at the opportunity to own one of your spider-man drawings ;-)

Brett said...


She was popular! I'll have to draw her again!

Future artist.

No, it's plagiarism to simply copy things. By taking things from artist you admire and adding it to your own that's just how artist operate. In fact, in the old days it was expected to draw like your teacher. Eventually you'll develop your own look. It might be totally different or similar in a lot of ways.


I'm not liking a lot of the Marvel costumes right now. I might do a few here and there but this way I get to practice drawing the DCnU;)



Dylan said...

A suggestion, I would love to see you draw the new look of Poison Ivy!

Anonymous said...

Archangel....? Backlash....?