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Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Sunday, the True KING.

Been watching Godzilla movies and decided to draw up my version of the King.

Nothing really new to talk about, just some stuff I saw on the Dead Sea Scrolls and that they don't always match up with 'real' scripture. Did some reading on Elijah. Funny how he, John the Baptist and Jesus did a lot of the same things. One might assume they were the same myth recycled;)

Also interesting is there turns out there are a TON of early writings around the time of Jesus, yet he's NEVER mentioned in any of them, births, deaths all sorts of stuff. And that 'Q" fellow the Christians love to tote about, there is no actual evidence every produced to back up the Christians claims of a 'Q'. Surprising right?!?!;P

Well, till next week!



David said...


steve said...

Go Go Gojira!, nice drawing looks too Iguanaish for my tastes though.

Your comments crack me up. Not to insult you, but can I quote you on the The John the Baptist, Elijah, Jesus, doing similar stuff line? Seriously that is awesome that you made that connection.

Brett said...


I thought of drawing tiny people running but it was late;)


This, coming from the guy who prefers the one with the giant spikes that flop around;P If it wasn't green you never would have thought that, as iguanas don't have spikes like that;) Its just your prejudice against the US Godzilla;P

You can quote all you like, I didn't come up with the idea. It's even on his wiki page. In the Hebrew Bible, the return of Elijah is the precursor to the coming of the Messiah. The Christians get around this by saying John was really Elijah (even though he says he wasn't.) Either way he rose the dead and went wandering in the wilderness a common thread for all 3, the wilderness part. Both He and John wore similar clothes. You could see how they would make that assumption. But the clearly stupid way he delt with Ahab is just as bad as Moses. Damn, that Old Testament god was insecure! Bends his own rules to get what he wants.

But yeah, the Q thing was interesting as was the Dead Sea stuff. So many people refusing to show things, to keep the scrolls hidden so only THY could do the translations... fishy to say the least! I can't see how any of these so called religious scholars can be trusted as they seem to be lying and completely ignorant of the rest of the world. It seems they study JUST the Jesus parts and that's it. Reminds me of the older bird paleontologists who simply refuse to accept that birds are a branch of dinosaur. They concocted a strange idea, birds are from yet ANOTHER branch of archosaurs with no evidence for it, for the simple reason that they don't like dinosaurs so birds CAN'T be related.

But that might just be me. I can't understand why new evidence or any actual evidence is ignored in favor of a traditional idea. Cause traditionally the earth was less than 10,000 years old and we know that simply isn't true. Traditionally it was OK to burn witches or stone women who are raped... some traditions need to be examined and tossed as we grow as a species.



jimboy said...
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steve said...

Good insights. You do have to let the age of the Earth go-Young Earthers and Old Earthers aren't the issue, they aren't central to the Christian beliefs.

The Q fellow? I always thought Q was a document, not a person, except on Next Generation.

The Bible contains the account of God dealing with mankind. There are reoccurring character types who point toward the coming of Christ. It wouldn't make sense to say they were from the same myth recycled.

My Iguana had single spikes all the way down his back, when he molted sometimes two stuck together sort of like how you drew them. Not a bad design on your part, yes I have a strong dislike for the Americanized Gojira.

What do you make of the new archeological find of the 50 AD Christian Ossuary drawing from Jerusalem? Getting a bit more difficult to say Jesus didn't live and die and start a faith among Jews among eyewitnesses isn't it?

Brett said...


Oh good! I was worried Jimboy changed his mind and I wasn't going to say anything:)

Well the age is important because it shows that the Bible has things wrong. Like the formation of the starts, earth moon, animals, ect. Also that the Earth could not be populated the way the Bible says, dinosaurs and man ect. It's definitely more important when dealing with the YE Creationists I will say that!

Q is a hypothetical. It's sort of discussed as the writing of one man but I can also see how it can be taken to mean a document or book. SInce it's never actually been proven to exist it could really go wither way if they find some evidence to support it.

Actually the reoccurring themes makes it the prefect example of recycling ideas. Also it's a literary way of tying the old testament to the new. And they did it again in Revelations with Jesus returning as a harbinger... just like Elijah.

Oh, you mean that ossuary that the Christians keep denying has anything to do with Jesus? I watched part of that as well (would have watched the whole thing but the info was misleading and I thought it was just about art, not the ossuary.) Even if Jesus was real (and I don't think his name was mentioned on the early Christian ... not sure what they are called... tombs?) And that other tomb is his, then it just means the Bible is wrong again. He didn't come back from the dead, at best, he was a ghost.

I don't have a problem with him being real, it's entirely possible he was a real person, there is just the bible to support that and the Bible is rife with wrongness. So it can't be trusted as a source. The fact that Piolet's own book never mentioned him sends up a red flag. That none of the Jewish scrolls and texts mention him is another. Sure he might have started a movement but his divinity was added afterward for appeal.



Brett said...

Crap! I forgot about the scales!

Iguana's have them in a line down their back, this has 2 lines of more thorny ones with the more plate like ones paired inside like the original, I just made them more streamlined for swimming.

I also gave it a longer skull and thinned the thighs down. Godzilla always looks like he needs to loose a few pounds to me;) I wanted this one to actually be able to run!



Brett said...


This might actually give you some insite into my thinking on the subject of a real Jesus.



M.O.R said...

"You truly are the King of Kings..."

(Because if you can't enjoy a good joke aimed at your beliefs, then you have no soul.)

Not to get nitpicky, but it's 'Lose'a few pounds, not 'Loose'. One can have a loose tooth, or they can lose a tooth. I hate going at peoples spelling, but since spelling is one fo the few things I am good at...

Godzilla, as someone who is an outsider to the whole fan ship, should either be a powerhouse, or a creature built for speed and adaptability on land or in the sea. I like your interpretation of him, though I think the jaws should be bigger. That said, Godzilla is open to interpretation, so every artist has their own idea how the character should look and move.

I like this. Really do. Would love to see him in demolition mode. Having him destroy a few buildings or so.

Fatboy73 said...

As Brett and I have both mentioned, it matters not whether Jesus actually existed, because faith and the foundation of Christianity are based on something that can never be prove or disproven(how convenient).

Would you really abandon your faith if a bone laden tomb was discovered with inscriptions claiming that it Jesus of Nazareth son of Joseph? Or whatever inscription you would find convincing?

I highly doubt you would Steve. You would no doubt dismiss the evidence or try to rationalize it. Just for shits and giggles though Steve, lets bring up that you did mention once, that if the resurrection of Jesus could be disproven(like finding bones) you would abandon your faith because it would be undeniably false.

It is rather convenient that the ONE piece of physical evidence that would bring you back to reality is something that will NEVER be found. If the weight of an entire religion rested on the fact that Jesus was the son of God, rose from the dead after three days and ascended into heaven leaving no trace of his physical body. The very first thing that would happen would be to GET RID OF THE PHYSICAL BODY!

I would think in two thousand some odd years, even if a pesky corpse did exist, that someone would have figured out a way to hide or dispose of it.
So what we're left with is a nigh bullet proof belief system that requires ZERO evidence beyond personal experience and testimony, and a bunch of Christians trying to bully those beliefs into law.

ilTassista Marino said...

A very good modern version of 'Zilla! paying tribute to the original one, and not too JurassicPark-like as it happened in the Emmerich flick

Brett said...


Yeah I ALWAYS spell that wrong. It just doesn't look right to me without that extra 'o'.

I like the one from the US, but I wanted to go more for power here. And he HAS to have the atomis breath. We need a cool us monster franchise, just without al the stupid human stuff, and NO KIDS!


I wanted something that looked more like the Japanese version except one that could actually fight a bit;)



steve said...

18 Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, he asked them, “Who do the crowds say I am?”

19 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, that one of the prophets of long ago has come back to life.”

Luke 19:18-19

Brett said...


??? I'm not sure why these 'quotes', cause they sort of make my point for me. Using the old to make the new. Simple concepts recycled. Prophet shows up, yet HE is the only one who can talk to god.

heffison said...

Well-drawn, but far too reminiscent of the heinous Tri-Star Fraudzilla. (First you help to replace Conner, now you're siding with the relaunched Godzilla? Is nothing sacred?) (Did I really just use the word 'sacred' on this blog?)

I think it's a huge mistake to worry much about making Godzilla appear as a biologically viable creature. He shouldn't be, his DNA was messed up by nuclear radiation, and is not the result of a successful evolutionary process. In the original, the creature was a lumpy mess that, while presumably the result of the available budget and materials for that movie, gave the frightening impression of something almost supernaturally horrible. It should never have existed, but the bomb brought it into this world.

And if the spines don't light up along the edges when he blasts out his atomic breath, it's not Godzilla. It's just a dragon.