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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not just this Sunday but forever! I love Jesus!

My new art style!!!!! INSPIRED by Jesus!

Ok, that's it! I have to admit it. Jesus is REAL. After much soul searching and introspection I have come to realized that a part of me has been missing. A part I have been denying for far to long. Yesterday I paid a visit to one of the local church, and while I sat there listening to the preacher I suddenly felt FULL for the first time in years. I felt the holy spirit fill me up and the have it's way with my SOUL. I was so full I'm kinda sore today so I can't stay on the computer for too long. ALso I have read about the gorillas and I now realize evolution isn't real, I was just accepting what other told me not what I feel to be true!

So, from this point on, there will be no more Sunday Blasphemy. I will be leaving DC comics to start my own comic company which will focus on adapting the Word of God into comic form. I think the holy spirit has finally given me the artistic ability I always knew I had but could just never access!!!!!!!!! I can only ask you to forgive my egregious sins these past 15 years and for all those years of fornication and…. depravity… I'm sorry it's hard to type… through the tears. Every sperm is sacred.

Amen.. or HAIL JESUS… I'm still not quite sure how this all works… Is there a salute? 

Your eternal puppet, Lord!

A filthy sinner.


Fatboy73 said...

As much as it pains me to do this Brett, I have no choice but to declare you an apostate from the Atheist religion(Which I will freely admit now, is really a form of Satanism and just an excuse to hate God) And as an apostate I can no longer frequent and support your blog. Also even though I can no longer purchase any comics with your work in it, I'm happy your leaving DC comics. DC comics is obviously a front for the Christian right and needs to be brought down. LONG LIVE MARVEL COMICS!!(Throws Devil horns)

steve said...

That's why I love you guys, even when we don't agree you can still manage to bring a smile to my face. You guys got a great sense of humor, now if only we could convince you to use your powers for good! Keep it up.

but seriously dude, your old art style was better. Don't pull a Salvador Larroca on me.

M.O.R said...

Yeah. Nobody wants to go down the Sal Larocca route. Almost as bad as the Greg Land route, but not as jarring.

Btw Brett, check this sketch out from Mitchell and Webb. Prayer and a pint.
Sort of fits with the overall theme of your sketch.

Hope you are feeling somewhat better. An icepack often helps.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? If not awesome!

Brett said...


It is completely and utterly a joke. Date, crazy colors, the holy spirit having it's way with my soul... plus the crappy art and every sperm is sacred line (From Montey Python The Meaning of Life.)

Was it too subtle? Jess says I don't know how to do that...



Anonymous said...

Awesome im very happy for you at first i stopped looking at your blogs because you hated church and stuff so bad before anyway see ya!

Anonymous said...

just be a good guy and youll make it....