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Friday, April 6, 2012

Superman and Powergirl

Just a few quick sketches. I had to shrink Supermans' head a bit... for some reason I'm drawing big heads... annoying. Even after the fix it still looks big to me...

Ok, I fixed the head:)


Fatboy73 said...

Love the Power Girl outfit. Only thing it's missing is a midriff bearing bustier and a micro-mini
leather skirt. ;)

Brett said...

On which one?;P

Fatboy73 said...

Well to be fair, Superman should be in a cod piece, ass-less chaps and maybe a vest with no shirt on.

Also being Easter and all tomorrow
I'm hoping to see some good zombie Jesus pics. I'd love to see zombie Jesus duking it out with the Easter bunny.

pwood said...

Are you selling the Power girl, if you are do you still have it and how much?

carlito1978 said...

love the superman. same question that pwood had - if its up for sale, any chance for someone like me can make a home for it? :)