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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sketch Saturday is Boosterrific!

This week, Booster Gold! Took a bit over 2 hours. Not sure if I like his new look... I added a few gold bits to break up all the blue.




Metal Woman said...

So when can you start drawing Booster's new solo series :) And in a related note, I have loved all the little Booster Gold advertisements you have added to the background in Teen Titans.

Metal Woman

Caz Tidrick said...

I agree with MT. The Booster ads are perfect! I wonder if I might be able to toss out an idea for what your next sketch might be? I think that I'd really like to see one of the emotional spectrum people drawn. We've already seen your GL & Saint Walker. What about Sinestro or Indigo-1? Just a thought! I love all of your work either way.

Steven said...

will you color this in the future?