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Sunday, May 13, 2012


One of the cool things about the New 52 at DC is all the new designs. I was asked a few months ago to try my hand as the new Hawkgirl for Earth2. After talking with the writer and editors I got an idea. and managed to actually put it on paper! Great fun, and I got it approved on the first try! WhoooHooooo!




Jay Kay said...

That's cool--I thought it was mostly the big guys that's been doing a lot of the designs like Lee and Hamner or Nicola Scott doing these designs. It is a cool design--not too sure about the headdress but I'm sure it'll work out in the book. :)

Dave Wiz said...

Amazing job! I thought it was an amazing design when I saw it on the Earth-2 #4 cover, so that's awesome that you designed it!!

Unknown said...

It was you that designed Earth-2 Hawkgirl? Congratulations! I like that's an original concept and not just the classic look with lines.

I loved what you've done with the helmet. It resembles enough the original, but it's more modern and edgy. I like specially the metallic effect and the lines that connect with the face paint.

Were you inspired by Warhawk from the Batman Beyond cartoon? Why did you choose blue as the uniform color? A lot better than the original green, if you ask me ;)

I really love your designs. This one, the Wally West relaunch proposal and the Red Robin first design are my favorites. I really can´t understand why DC would refuse that last one...

Erik Sveinson said...

Hawkgirl`s been one of my favourite DC characters for years. Been wondering when she might show up in the New 52. I really like what you`ve done with the designs on this one, she looks great!

ilTassista Marino said...

>got it approved on the first try!

obviously: great job!

Kaden said...

I LOVE this design!! Can't wait to see her in the EARTH TWO comic!!

Lee said...

That's badass.

Francisco said...

Really wonderful work here... love your design... I wish you redesign more classic characters from dc like the Crimson Fox ;)