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Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Sketch Saurday: Batwoman!

In honor of the Prez. coming out for gay marriage, and to piss off North Carolina, Batwoman!



(This piece is sold, thanks for all inquiries!)


Dave Irwin said...

Actually, NORTH Carolina is the one we should be pissing off...and as always, BEAUTIFUL drawing! :)

Brett said...

Can you really blame me;P

I'll fix!



Unknown said...

Batwoman is a favorite character of mine. I just love her and she looks fantatsic drawed by you!

And thank you for your words. I am very sad about North Carolina. It is always conforting when a comic creator supports gay rights. It means a lot to us.

Brett said...



And please, it's my pleasure. Honestly I can't understand why equal rights for everyone is a big deal or anyone would be against it. It's only fair.



steve said...

"And please, it's my pleasure. Honestly I can't understand why equal rights for everyone is a big deal or anyone would be against it. It's only fair."

Everyone in the USA share certain equal rights. Of course we recognize those rights come at a cost and are a privilege. Also all rights are conditional, no one gets to do whatever they want-there are boundaries. Also remember currently there is a massive emphasis on the individual's rights being of more importance than the impact on society which shows we are a bit off kilter.

Gay marriage is a complex issue, it is a shame it gets boiled down to slogans and watered down statements like, "equal rights for everyone," as if it really was that simple.

Remember even if you believe you are right, there is wrong way to pursue your agenda. Never belittle those who disagree with you as if they were stupid or bigoted for having a different point of view.

I've always thought Batwoman was handled pretty well for a lesbian character-no fan service, no soap boxing, just a broken character with lots of emotional scarring who is coping with life.

Brett said...

So you're saying that we all only share certain right? Only white males get all the rights and then those same white males get to decide what's good for everyone else? NO. That's wrong, and if you can't see that than maybe you should take your nose out of your book and wake up.

It is NOT a complex issue it's a very, very simple one. EVERYONE gets the same rights NO MATTER WHAT. YOU uber religious people complicate it by trying to slip in these new laws where it's only between a man and a woman , what YOU think is right, based on a book that you ignore parts of anyways. Your book is just a book wake up and join the 20th century. If you are against gay marriage and use the bible as a justification and you don't keep slaves because you think it's wrong, beat your child, sacrifice animals to your god, then you are a HYPOCRITE.


steve said...

Brett, I agree with your first ten words, then you go somewhere else.

Everyone has the right to marry some one of the opposite sex. That is historically, culturally and scientifically the meaning of marriage-a male and a female.

What ever race, what ever sex you are, you have the same rights. I don't see at all marriage being only for white men-that doesn't make any sense, especially if you are going to try to pull religion in which makes that statement even more silly.

The hypocrite rant part is a bit out of character for you, not to mention completely without basis. Remember if you have to distort the integrity of someone who differs with you to make a point, then your point is lacking. Better to strengthen your argument than to try to make it personal.

Either way I think we can see it does reveal gay marriage to be a complex issue which can be argued convincingly and with sincerity from both sides.

as always thanks for letting me speak my unedited view,


Fatboy73 said...

Remember even if you believe you are right, there is wrong way to pursue your agenda. Never belittle those who disagree with you as if they were stupid or bigoted for having a different point of view.

It's not the disagreement part that makes it stupid and bigoted Steve. It's trying to legally enforce that disagreement when you have absolutely no right to do so.
As I've said before, you can disapprove of Homosexuality and Gay marriage all you like. Have at it.

But it's absolutely no business of yours, the churches or the politicians if two people who love each other regardless of gender want to get married.

It's not hurting traditional marriage and it certainly isn't hurting you, and you have to have a better reason than "It's always been done this way or "My God said it was bad" Come on Steve, your supposedly a science geek. New theories replace and/or modify old theories all the time.

If you applied Christianities attitude on the sanctity of marriage to every other aspect of progress that's been made over the years, we'd all still be living grass huts, going to the local shaman for some bloodletting and trying to figure out how not to fall off the earth when reaching the horizon.

Kaden said...


I think I love you(But not in a creepy stalker way, I promise).

You're my hero.


Brett said...


So separate but equal is good for you?

Marriage is a contract, nothing more. That YOU and your crazy ass right wing brethren make it into something it's not (and then divorce, divorce divorce!) is irrelevant. EVERYONE should have the right to marry another adult. Sex is irrelevant. And I give not a flying fuck about your traditions. Because some of the traditions of your religion are keeping slaves, rape, murder and genocide. You and your religion are the LAST people who should be deciding what is right for EVERYONE. By doing your little men and women thing you are oppressing others, this is a violation of others civil rights.

And then you forget that this is a secular society, and not everyone follows your 'rules'. Just as your aren't being forced to follow other 'rules'. You ca disagree, you can ignore them and hate them, but you can not deny them their rights.

No one is forcing priests and preachers to marry same sex people. The state must remain neutral. And of course the fact that these marriages have been going on for a awhile negates your point, as they seem to have no effect on you AT ALL. It's simply has NOTHING to do with you and you should maybe mind your own business.

Then again, could it be that by having same sex couples marry it takes away all the lovely cannon fodder you guys love to use about homosexuals being promiscuous?

Maybe you should really examine yourself and your religion if denying people the right to be happy (a right that hurts NO ONE) seems 'moral' to you. Cause it seems like the exact opposite to me.


Brett said...

Thanks Kaden,

I'm greatly annoyed that something so bloody simple and basic is being degraded by these so called 'moral' people.




Nathan said...

In no way can gay marriage be convincingly argued against. The hate and prejudice I see and hear against homosexuals from right wing conservatives is sickening and in no way reflects how Jesus or God would act toward them. From what I see, most Christians are anything but Christ-like. Your religion has no right to place restrictions on the definition of marriage. Religion is a freedom, so should marriage. There shouldn't even be discussion about same sex marriage...its ridiculous that homosexuals have to fight for the right to get married. They are the same as everyone else, they were just born with a preference toward the same sex, just like I was born with dark hair! I respect peoples differing opinions, but you have no right to judge a person's orientation and decisions of marriage. This is a free country! The right always babbles on about personal liberties and personal shut the fuck up and let people do what they want to do and stay out of other people's business.

Awesome work Brett! TT is one of the few DC titles I enjoy, mainly because of your art!

Brett said...



I find the whole 'traditional' line funny, as traditionally men basically bought there wives from the girls father, the dowry. Love was not part of it at all. Or the in 'biblical times' men often had more than one wife...

Funny how they ALWAYS forget the stuff that doesn't agree with their agenda...



Brett said...

Sorry, that should be bride price, not dowry... the dowry is what is paid to the groom by the father of the bride. It's why there are still bride burnings in India, more wives means more dowrys! Traditional Marriage is awesome!


steve said...

The reason all people get to have a say on it is because it is a social issue which has major ramifications for all of society. Marriage is fundamental to society, it isn't just two people in love. It involves just about every aspect of culture-medical, legal, education, political, religious, etc.

It is a little short sighted to say it is only about two people in love. Do these two people plan on raising children? Paying taxes? Getting medical insurance? Using the legal system for divorce cases?

I'm fairly certain most people here know "the wedge" plan of attack used by those seeking to do a little social engineering. The penetrating front end is always portrayed as narrow, minor, unobtrusive; the sort of thing no rational person would ever dare to disagree with. Then it is pushed and the larger agenda follows and continues to reorganize all social arenas.

Brett said...

No Steve, ALL those systems from paying taxes to getting a divorce are ALREADY in place. This will have NO effect on them other than maybe giving a few lawyers some extra cash. The system doesn't care if you are two men or two women, or a man and a woman.

The only one who care are bigots people stuck in the past who think the 1950's were the bees knees.

A study that I posted long ago from one of the Nordic countries basically shoots down anything and everything you right wingers are saying. It's good for EVERYONE, EVEN the straights. It bring in lots of money and EVERYONE benefits.

You simply don't like gay people and are actively trying to make them lesser than you. Bravo. How Christian of you.


Fatboy73 said...


Yes, so marriage, cultural involves a lot more than just two people loving each other. To which I give a hearty who gives a fuck!

Why does it make any difference who is getting married? Ooohh that's right. It does make a difference, because those horrible gay folks have made the choice to be that way and if they're allowed to raise children, they're just going to pass the homosexual thing along to the next generation.
Slowly building their ranks until they have the backing to make it law that EVERYONE has to be gay and "traditional marriage" is illegal. Then there will be rampant gay sex ON THE STREETS, morals will go out the window and the entire world will FUCK ITSELF INTO OBLIVION!!!

On behalf of all the people of the world(except the gays) I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for uncovering this nefarious plot.

steve said...

What about books like "After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the90's" which has been used for over two decades to help gay people understand how to use public relations to their advantage and to help straight folks understand how to cooperate?

Everyone has an agenda; those who say they don't are just being dishonest.

No one here thinks gay folks are horrible, it is repugnant for you to insist anything to the contrary. It shows an inability to disagree without being disagreeable. When you fail to conduct yourself civilly it tends to weaken your position and shut down conversation.

You guys really need to learn how to have a discussion. Throwing around words like bigot only shows the weakness of your ability to actually use logic instead of name calling.

So I disagree for actual observable historical social reasons. I love gay people, have many family members and friends, and have worked for fare social treatment, just not big on rewriting what the word marriage means.

You guys do tend to paint with a wide brush. Go back and reread this discussion and look at my tone and words and then reread your ranting. Seriously learn how to disagree without embarrassing yourself-it will benefit both sides.