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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cringing Children of the Eighties

I am a child of the eighties. I watched all the required cartoons, though I was too old for the toys. I was the only individual over the age of twelve in the theatre when Transformers the Movie came out. I get that little glow of nostalgia for those things I enjoyed when I was a kid and teenager, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not hard-core, though. The new Battlestar Galactica didn't make me rip my hair out in fits of anguish because Starbuck is a woman. The live-action Transformers changes in 'canon' didn't make me wail with despair about people who have 'no respect' for the original material. (I didn't like the movie, for reasons that had nothing to do with being true to the original or not.) This is my long-winded way of saying, when eighties properties get revived, I pay a little bit of attention, just for nostalgia's sake. Brett does the same thing with comic book properties. So, on Yahoo news they had a little thing about the G.I. Joe movie coming up. I was not a G.I. Joe fan, it was just on in between two other shows I watched. I just never found it very interesting but I watched it; for most of my youth, we had a gigantic old console television with no remote control. Unless you wanted to sit in front of the television, channel-changing involved effort, and I have always been lazy. Anyways, I looked at the cast members on one of those annoying automatic slide shows everybody and their brother seems to think are so nifty, and WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING when they cast that little round-faced blonde girl as the Baroness? Childlike round face, snub nose and a little bit of freckles just SCREAMS 'exotic evil foreigner with an accent thick enough to cut with a knife', doesn't it?

The entertainment industry just baffles me sometimes.


Fatboy73 said...

I agree,some of the casting choices make you scratch your head and wonder what in the hell were they thinking.
But every so often ,they get it right,and I come right out and admit that when I saw ray park in the Snake
Eyes costume I almost orgasmed right there on the spot.And the rest of the casting seems pretty good.

Anonymous said...

GI Joe's are awesome! I used to hang them from a string and slowly lower into the pit of hell!

(Top loading washing machine set to FULL SPIN with the lid-button pressed-in to keep it working with the lid open)

Ahhhh !


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