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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Idiots don't get a cookie...

So our idiot of a President met with the Pope yesterday. And today I find this article.

Once again you fricken moron, we are a secular nation. Stop assuming everyone is religious, and a Christian, and move on. For crying out loud why is this religious 'leader' even allowed in our country? This is the same guy who said the thing to do about all the child molestations was to keep them quiet and wait until the statute of limitations ran out... This is one of the guys who was just shipping the pedophiles off to a new churchs.

LOL! This is the scariest picture I've ever seen! Run kids, your asses are in danger!!!! Either that or he's about to eat them.

Gotten from here.

This is my favorite line:

Bush said that "we need your message that all human life is sacred."

I think he really ment to say "I need...." Isn't he the guy who sent over all those soldiers to die and to kill? And put to death all those people while he was governor of Texas?

After watching the news these last few weeks. I have come to a conclusion. Almost everyone in the world is stupid. So watch yourselves, they might get it on you.




DamonO said...

Yep, our state of Texas was responsible for almost 50% of the executions in the entire country. Not a record to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

We're considering seceding from the Union.

Brett said...

Hi Damon, I will be scanning tonight, sorry it's taking so long. I hate scanning it takes forever. Plus then I have to composite all the darn pieces....



DamonO said...

Jess, the last group of people that tried seceding, well, it didn't turn out pretty. Anyway, we need y'all here.:-)

Brett, okay I'll keep an eye out for tonight's scan.

Mountaineer_Elf said...

Man...I can't stand that there's just such a level of...hypocrisy, and favoritism by the leader of our country.

It's so evident that Bush just won't listen to reason...EVEN WHEN IT'S THE POPE! Who is openly against the war in Iraq. Though I fear only because of this popular notion of terrorism.

Terrorism: invading a country for a natural resource, the country that you claim attacked you when it was actually a scheme created by a failed and greedy and selfish government.

AKA: The Bush Administration.

People in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't terrorists or insurgents. They're rebelling against an illegal occupation of their country. They're rebels. You Luke Skywalker.

I don't think what they do is right...but we've killed so many civilians over there, I just see us becoming associated with terrorism to them as much as they are associated with terrorism here.

People like this just perpetuate hate for Christianity with this crap. Apparently Jesus (who was a Jew by the way, just in case a bunch of people forgot) only hung out with other Jews or new-fangled Christians.


Suzene said...

Unfortunately, when the stupid person in question is the leader of your country, you tend to get some on you by association. If I ever have to go abroad, I'm packing lots of maple-leaf shirts.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Everyone!

If Mountaineer_Elf thinks the people in Iraq and Afghanistan are rebels from Star Wars, then the Pope sure looks like Emperor Palpatine! George Bush isn't far away from Darth Vader too!

Honestly, I never really liked Pope Benedict 16th. Pope John Paul II was a WAY better figurehead. He could speak 10 different languages! Plus, he got shot a couple times by a terrorist and even forgave the guy afterward. Pope John Paul II doesn't deserve a lecture about terrorism; he was a victim of it. He even went to some of the worst places in the world to give people hope. Trust me, George Bush won't go to even HALF the places Pope John Paul II did.

Pope Benedict 16th? He wanted to retire a long time ago. He's not a bad man, but he seems tied to his role by tangles. His goal is to try finishing the work Pope John Paul II started. I personally think he should forge his own spine.

Either way, I try not to bash the Pope too much. Trust me, they're alright people. They're just meant to look scary!


Brett said...


I don't think we can pull out of this war without handing over Iraq to Iran. It was such a bonehead move in the first place.... I still can't believe this guy hasn't been impeached.

Canada is too cod for my tastes, I have thought of moving but they make it...difficult.

Raid, the pope really should be rabbit;)



Anonymous said...

So we are attacking Iraq to secure a natural resource which the government has not even attempted to secure one drop of? When will this foolish line of thinking die? Let's see gas prices are going up because the government refuses to get involved with controling the supply and demand of oil, but still some would have us believe this is a snatch and grab ploy for oil. The problem is Iraq is screwed up and there is no solution which avoids blood shed. Iraq will always be a mess. Do we get involved and slow the terrorist activites or do we sit back and let the terrorist fractions take control of a mostly brainwashed population who are taught to hate Americans without reason? There is no win win solution. If we stay, soldiers will die. If we leave civilians will die. There is no military solution, there has to be a base level world view change within Iraq before they could ever substain democracy or freedom.


Brett said...

Nice to see you've completely bought into the Republican BS. Actually no one mentioned the oil. You need a software update.

Everyone will agree that Sadam Hussan was an evil bastard and should have been put to death, he was the only one holding that country together. He was also the only one keeping Iran at bay. Iraq was a huge mistake. Instead of admitting it and trying to find new ways of fixing it the President that you like just keeps making things worse.



Mountaineer_Elf said...

Hell yeah Palpatine. Don't you just want to photoshop a black-hooded robe on the Pope and make blue lightning on his fingers in that picture? That's the first thing I thought.

And I did mention natural resources...which DO include oil, but there are more of them. Like Opium poppies and weed :). Now...while we haven't nabbed as much oil as we can...who do you think is operating the oil fields? Who has control of them, whether or not they're producing oil for this country? We are. Us and our allies.

Now...aside from that...civilians are still dying, but this time rather than being killed by just their own governmental, they're getting air strikes and cluster bombs dropped over their villages and towns as WELL as having to fear their old government.

Read/watch some BBC news, they'll actually give you stories of civilian casualties along side all others.

If you buy into the whole BS of "We're trying to take care of the people by getting rid of the (and I HATE these words) terrorists, insurgents, and bad guys", then I feel bad for you.

We should get out of there while we can. How our government can't see that the Middle East will never become a suburb of the United States...I'll never know.

How long have they been fighting over religious beliefs/civil battles over there? 3,000? 4,000 years? How long have we been established as a country? 200 years and a bit?

Yeah. Just as soon as we get all Arabs, Iranians and Afghanis to become Christians and adopt Democracy is the true day that Hell freezes over.


Brett said...

"And I did mention natural resources...which DO include oil"

I stand corrected. I was glancing quickly this morning (I was reading all the expelled comments from Steve.) I'm sure oil was part of it but since they screwed things up so bad they decided to just drill in Alaska and invest in biofuels. Idiots.



Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for you to hook up the dogs to your van and make a dogsled as an alternative fuel.

Prof. Rigeli said...

To explain that picture of the Pope holding his hand out to the two African-American kids, that expression on his face was probably never intended. I think.... I know he looks like a monster, but he has got to have a pure heart. Do you not know what I mean?

Ahem... I deleted my old blog, due to me being the only one concerned about furries being in danger of discrimination in the near future, and made a new one recently. But, I seem to be having a bit of a pickle with getting furries to visit. This new blog of mine may get furries to do things that may make a more positive picture of themselves in the eyes of the mainstream world. I know you've made a link to the URL for my old blog (the new blog is on it now) but your journal has pushed it aside.

Brett said...

Hi Professor,

Why does the Pop have to have a pure heart? I was actually being kind to this guy, I haven't mentioned how I really feel about him.

I'll try to remember to include a link in my next post.:)

Prof. Rigeli said...

If you could subscribe to deviantART, aside from getting to decorate your journal with exquisite graphics, you can put a signature in your journal and the link to my site could be in it.