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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Sex Tax Day!

So I was listening to the radio yesterday and this guy was on talking about getting guys to boycott V-Day. Basically his point was that buy getting your special someone a special gift and basically only getting sex IF that gift is received, we are paying 'a sex tax' (oh and everyone who refuses to have sex with their partner without the gift is a prostitute, his words.)

I thought this first image was funny:)
And not to be outdone I did one myself. It's more pinky in photoshop. Don't worry it's just a hue change on an additional channel the original coloring is fine:)

I saw Animal Armageddon the other day, not bad. I only complained once but then they covered that so it was MUCH better than Morphed. I also saw Dollhouse last night. I wasn't really impressed but I'll give it a few episodes, I'm a big Firefly fan along with Buffy and Angel so I'm hoping this show will pick up!

Oh and for a few of the locals, Happy Balentimes Day!


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