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Monday, February 16, 2009

Interesting article on evolution

I happened across this today. An article on Yahoo about transitional fossils, I'm usually up on most of this but I didn't know about the manatee one, cool!

About this beastie, earlier this decade 2 skeletons were found together, a ceratopsian and a tyrannosaur. The ceretopsian seems to be laying on top of the meat eater. Teeth from said meat eater were found inside the skeleton for the ceretopsian. Is this another similar find to the famous fighting dinosaurs of mongolia? I drew a quick sketch of the tyrannosaur. The species has not been said but it wasn't very large, only 20 feet... Nanotyrannus?

My head has been killin gme all weekend so I haven't been able to stay online, read or work. It seems OK righ tnow but I'm off, I don't want to chance it!




Nessie Knows said...

Hope you feel better. So this Tyrano is like the mini cooper of the meat eaters? My wife has really enjoyed your drawings and of course so have I.

Brett said...

Hi Nestor,

Maybe, it hasn't been officially described so the details are sketchy, so we don't know an exact age. It might be a precursor to T. rex related to some smaller tyrannosaurs:)

Glad you like them, I was working on a few more colored ones but my head prevented me. It seems OK so far today. I already got a character design for the new book done this morning:)



Erik Sveinson said...

Hey Brett, I sent you a couple more notes through Deviant about that Elf Maiden piece, but haven't heard back. I don't have your current e-mail addy, so if you could contact me at or that would be great. Thanks!

Nessie Knows said...

How are you feeling Brett, headaches still coming? My wife started to get some as did I but then we realized we had a crying baby in the house now and man can she wail. Anyway hope you are feeling well and that those character designs are coming out well.