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Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes you too can hunt pterosaurs in the congo!

I found this on Stupid Evil Bastard, it's from Objective: Ministries.

It's actually a parody site, but it's funny! Here are a few examples:

"Velociraptors: Today terrorize the goat herders of Puerto Rico and are rumored to guard the remains of the Ark on Mt. Ararat. They have become vicious since the Fall as the result of the effects of genetic entropy, making them too dangerous for the sort of interactive public experience we have in mind."

"Equipment & Supplies

Besides supplies that are common to all animal capture expeditions, we have determined that we need the following special equipment:

  • Metallic pterosaur effigies based on Biblical designs (for herding into traps.)
  • Frankincense smoker (to disorientate the animals for capture.)
  • Nets, including large butterfly-style nets for use on smaller rhamphorhynchi.
  • Calming hoods (designed based on Deluge-era pterosaur skull remains.)
  • Reinforced bird cages.
  • Climate controlled egg transport containers.

Technical note: the Project Pterosaur logo should be placed prominently on all equipment where possible so as to promote the project name and associated educational and witnessing programs with the dissemination of expedition images. We will be consulting with logo placement experts from NASCAR for technical assistance."

That made my day!

Art sent me a link to this new giant extinct snake!

I thought it would be cool to pass along, knowledge is power! Thanks Art!




Lord Nightwalker said...

That's realy cool Brett.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

do u know where I can get frankenstien #1?

Brett said...

Hi LordNightwalker,

It's a fun site:)


You might try some online places, I know the regular comic stores didn't order very many, they only seem to want Marvel and DC stuff right now. But the trade just shipped.

They might have some at I know they have a store:)