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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome Deviant Art Folks!

I noticed a lot of DA people in the lat few hours, so for your viewing pleasure, a Lion anthro:) Plus I saw Madagascar 2 last night, so thanks for coming Freaks and New York Giants!




Anonymous said...

I don't know which got me the best out of that movie, the penguins or the old lady. She killed me.

Anonymous said...

Its really a shame DA is doing what they are doing right now. You are not the only artist that has been hit but the prudes over there.

Just keep us up to date on all that is going on with you guys and know there are still many of us that consider Brett and Jess the god and goddess of all comics.


Nessie Knows said...

I have yet to pick it up but my wife has threatened my collection if I dont get it for her soon. Hope you guys had a great weekend

Brett said...

I had actually answered these but the computer deleted my post!


I think the penguins, but the whole first half hour had me laughing. I love these movies, lots of fun!!!

Dark Yautja,

DA has been going downhill for me. It's not like I don't put mature on images that need it. Oh, well. I haven't really been using it much lately anyways. I usually put stuff up here first:)

And thank you:)


If you liked the first one, you'll like the second. Lots of fun!



Anonymous said...

Whenever you post a new anthro, just assume some sort of gushing praise from me. :)

Brett said...

Hey Muffinhunter,

No need to gush, a mild adoration is fine;)

Seriously though, we cover a wide range of stuff here, so feel free to chime in:)



Joe Rawlings said...

This is one of my favorites! I can't even say what it is about this picture... Great work as always.