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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harpy Eagleman

There's always some shmutz that I can't see in photoshop. Anyways, a harpy eagle anthro:) There is a show on Animal Planet this Thursday call Animal Armageddon. Maybe it won't be as bad as Morphed. I can only hope!




Warmaiden said... never do enough bird anthro. They are so cool when you do them.

Warmaiden said...

And he has no shirt on! You better cover him up mister ^^

Lord Nightwalker said...

Man that's cool. You still need to do a Turtle, Sapping turtle, and one of those nasty little ghila monsters.*smiles*
Have you ever sketched any of your own pets as anthros?
Just wondering man..

Marc_Four said...

I really can't get over the head of this thing. You're sketches are so realalistic and amazing. I just got the Freaks book off amizon and there is a small sketch of a bird by you in the begining index thing, but it wasn't in the book, have you got it posted anywhere online that I could track down, I would love to see the complete version.