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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lion Anthros!

What will eventually be a dark lion.

Spotted lion.

A toned lioness that appeared in Freaks!

A white lion that Jess painted on the computer over my pencils. We gave him red clothing for the Xmas card that year:)




Anthony said...

I think your artwork is just awesome! Where did you pick up your technique? I noticed that you tend to have more feline anthros than anything else really. Is there a reason for that or is that just the way it worked out? Keep up the good work!

P.S. Could you post some of your wolf stuff you've already done or maybe draw some new ones? Thanks!

muffinhunter said...

These last few posts have been awesome. I assume that top lion is new? I don't recall having seen it before.

Brett said...


I drew a comic book called the Kindred in 93. It had animal people, it was REALLY bad. So a few years later I saw Island of Doctor Moreau, they monsters were bad I started playing around with doing a new Kindred book. It took a few tries to come up with something I thought looked good so that's what I base my anthros and werecreatures on.

Werecats are less familiar than werewolves, so there's that. But really they're easier to do;) And big cats have many more color morphs than wolves.

I'll post some eventually, but I don't have a tone. I just drew a few werewolves for a few covers that I'll post when I'm allowed to:)


The top one isn't new, in fact the spotted lion is newer, I just haven't posted it anywere yet. It was done in 2005.. I think, it might be 2004.



Nessie Knows said...


I acutally still own both Kindred Volumes, and still look back at them for my love of Backlash. I figure I can look this up but what is the meaning of Anthros? Where did it come from and do you get the Bitches you have presents for mother's day? lol


Jess said...

Anthros = Anthromorphs = animal people. It's a way of saying 'animal people' that isn't 'furry', which has a somewhat different connotation.

We have only five bitches that would actually be eligible for Mother's Day presents and no, they didn't get any. If we counted all the dogs that will actually mother pups we'd be giving out too many presents anyways, including two for male dogs that will 'feed' the pups.

Lord Nightwalker said...

Man....Your anthros are so blasted killer.
You ever get around to that Turtle anthro? With the swords? *smiles*
( Apologies man...I couldn't resist. I still think you could do one wicked assassin turtle. Which reminds me, I've always wondered what your thoughts were on Mike Zulli's interpretation of the TMNT...?)

Anonymous said...

I talked to the Turtle guys about having Brett do covers or something back when I was selling Brett's original art. Nothing ever came of it, but Brett would have been perfect.

The Zulli stuff is some of my fav TMNT.


Brett said...

Lord Nghtwalker,

I've never drawn a turtle anthro in my current style, I did draw TMNT when I was younger. But that was YEARS ago;)


I forgot about that. Aw well. I did enjoy the new movie:)