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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michael Golden Jurassic Park portfolio One

A friend of mine (Hi Jordan!) is looking for an old Micheal Golden Jurassic Park portfolio art set done for Topps (I think!) I found what appears to be a second one that was done for Image (so the first one might also have been done for Image.)

But there is possibly another one, since the text says "MICHAEL GOLDEN'S JURASSIC PARK PORTFOLIO TWO." So if you happen to know were the first one can be found please let me know!

Nice stuff! Michael Golden influenced Art Adams, who was the guy who got me drawing comics. It's funny that we all like dinosaurs;)




Jordan said...

Hi Brett!
Aye. If someone could help out here, I'd be forever grateful. Brett and Michael Golden do dinos justice. I love the way you guys can suggest skin texture without penciling in every single scale. THAT'S talent.

MadPowerBomber said...

Man. Now if someone can just talk you into drawing a Godzilla pic. haha.

Anonymous said...

I believe I've got both portfolios at home in the bassment somewhere. I could make xeroxes, but you can't pry the original away from me. It is too good.


Anonymous said...

Just checked ebay it looks like someone is selling a set of prints from the portfolio.

Juat type in:


Anonymous said...

Okay I got it get Brett to send me your address and I'll send you a xerox copy of the prints.


Jordan said...

Thanks to everyone for the replies so far.
Steve, I did see that item up on eBay, but it appears to be a selection of prints from Golden's 2 portfolios. I'd like the complete portfolios, if possible.
Thanks also for the offer to send the facsimiles. I'll send my address info on to Brett and have him forward it to you.