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Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Tiger Anthros

This is the first one I drew that wasn't a werecreature. It's the same technique I'd use on a weretiger, this just has clothing and weapons. Sort of based on a D&D character I had in college (a ranger I think, who would turn into a weretiger if I lost to many hit points. I'm telling you this roleplayers, the BEST characters to play are one with some huge fault that will fuck up everything. It's so much more fun to start mauling your partners than it is some stupid cobalt;))

Hopefully I've finally shown you my true level of geekness. Live long and prosper;)

This appeared in Freaks! as well. It was colored by someone else and a top was added, can't expose them kids to fur covered breasts that don't have nipples now can we;)

These last 2 were done for another how to draw book called Hi Yah! The editor was expecting boring old people in regular karate gear. Steve Miller would have none of that so we played around and drew all sorts of things using martial arts poses and the like.

This woild be the cinnamon color morph of the tiger. Colors by Jess, no one colors the anthros better.


Brett (who is not really a Star Trek fan, but thought the line would be funny;))


bill said...

correction; no one colours your amazing pics better than Jess

Anonymous said...

I've colored dozens and I have to believe with you! Jess is a fantastic colorist whose hues compliments Brett's work better than anyone else.

I would put everything in b&w in my books if I could get away with it.