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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some mindless fun..

...I guess that would depend if you actually think it's funny. We had a REALLY windy day yesterday, only had an internet connection for a few minutes. I hurt my arm tossing rocks at this horrible cow that keeps coming up to the fence and couldn't do any real work. I was bored and had nothing to read. I then came across a program that comes on the Mac. It's basically a comic making program. So I played around with it.

Just a note, we ran out of room on the hard drive and transfered most of everything to the backup external drive. I only had a few images on the computer to play with (the external used 2 usb ports and I need one for the wacom, I SUCK at the trackpad!) So in the spirit of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network I thought it might be fun to reuse at over and over again and see what happens;)

I can pull some images from the blog now, if I do more I'll have more characters to play with. It's just ment for fun so don't read to much into it.



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