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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leopard, toned and colored

I colored this one myself, it needs some work. But this color pattern is based of an actual specimen.

This is the toned one Jess did up for some nifty prints and stuff. The problem now is we can't upload stuff to Zazzle. It keeps screwing up! Argh!




Unknown said...

my friend Marcus Hooker linked me to your website, and im sure your no stranger to praise but you are an amazing artist, thank you for the visual stimulation

^^W^^ said...

I've just spent quite some time exploring your blog and the more I see, the more I like. The art is awesome (and I sent a link to my daughter who is to this kind of art also). I have a feeling you two might like all things steampunk? Like this one here:


Brett said...


Thanks for the kind words:)


Thanks for the link and compliments, that cheetah is really cool! I think I sort of stumbled onto strappunk. I've only recently started looking into steampunk, this was done years ago when I first got into the straps. But I do like anything detailed and unusual;)