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Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Honor of Legion...

I had hopes that Legion might be good, but alas, after the reviews I read... It looks like a dud ( I've read some really bad reviews of it.) I actually like religious/mythology themed movies so I was hoping this one would be the next Prophecy (NOT the mercury bear movie!) So I drew up a sketch of an older character of mine for the fun of it. He looks off a bit, I think it's because I tucked in his shirt.... Well, he's a fallen angel named Lahaitiel or something, I can never remember the spelling...




Baron said...

Hi Brett,

woooow he looks fantastic, love the flaming wings & the flaming sword... ;O)

I hope this project will come true one day, as a creator owned Project... with colors by Jess
what can fail.....nothing..!

Love it, hope we will see more sketches of this Project ;)


Anonymous said...

legion wasnt bad, but it was a set up for more movies. It seems to be a formal a lot of movies have been doing. It felt more like a pilot for a tv show. Which is annoying, because it doesnt answers questions and opens up more questions. It's worth a rental.

Warmaiden said...

Nice picture. What stops you from making and publishing the book on your own, or finding a small publisher?

Legion is okay. It reminded me too much of Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight though. Still way better than Daybreakers.

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Ben Jones said...

it was a weak weak movie better than Daybreakers but thats really not saying much. I also love religous mythology stories but something was just missing with this one. Felt more like a scifi channel movie with better special effects.

Anonymous said...

Go see Book of Eli instead. Pretty good I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. I think it does justice to the Religious aspects of the story and it has plenty of good butt kick'n action.


Warmaiden said...

Eli wasn't too bad, kind of a spaghetti western meets Blind Fury. The end was a bit ridiculous. I think The Road is best post apocalypse movie of last year, but more of a anti-religious movie compared to Eli.

Brett said...

Ben, that's basically what the review I read said. I'll see it eventually. I'm not sure if I want to pay money for it.


I'm sort of torn on Eli, I like Gary Oldman, but not Densel Washington. But, Jess loves post apocalyptic stuff so I might see it on pay per view.


Jess read the book so I got the cliff notes. Not my cup of tea. She hated it, so we won't be watching it. But always remember these are OUR opinions, so feel free to watch whatever you like:)


Hmmm, sounds a bit like that Gabriel movie. Sounded cool but poorly executed.


One day maybe, it's a comedy so I'm not sure how it will go over.



Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

Unless the movie Road has a substantially different feel to it than the book, I will not be wasting time on it. The book was basically Post-Apocalyptic Fiction 101 for people who don't read that type of book. The ending was a total cop out.

No, sir, don't like it.

Anonymous said...
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