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Monday, May 25, 2009

That messiah better have my money!

Found via (HT Pharyngula.)

Let' see, the Irish Catholic church is in the news, my take... How can anyone be surprised? Didn't they have an expose on this crap a few years about with pregnant teens? Jesus is love, my ass! (the last line is a JOKE Steve. I'm not up to having the same debate again, too tired from arguing on the dinosaur blog.)

I watched Idiocracy yesterday... I actually really liked it. Funny.

I managed to get that DVD player recorder. It's supposed to upconvert regular DVD's to HD. The problem? The cord that came with the TV is different than the cord for the DVD player. The solution? I have to shell out another 20 buck for a cord.... I am not amused electronics people...

I finally saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall.... Pretty good, I liked the puppet Dracula thing and that inside of you song is STILL stuck inmy head. The weak link inthe movie? The Sarah Marshall character. The actress wasn't a big enough bitch for me. But it was fun, watch the extras, they are even funnier than the actual movie!

The new 'Missing Link' is not actually a missing link at all. It's a lemur that MIGHT be on the branch that leads to apes... It is cool since it so well preserved. But it's not what the news people are claiming it to be.

Have the Republicans lost their fricken minds? The waves of stupid from those in charge of the party have been REALLY alarming. I'm having a hard time figuring out how anyone would vote for them. They 'rebrand' themselves and then repeat the same crap they were peadling 6 months ago??!!??? I know they don't want to hear this but perhaps a more moderate leader who at least has SOME marketability. And the socialism crap... ugh, they sound like a broken record. If the moderates are smart they'll stage a coup, or at the very least create a third party.

Still no Mega Shark DVD. IT's backordered everywere... Jerks, lets hype it up AFTER we've printed all the DVD's... Sound like something a comic book company would do. ARRGH!

Had a lenghty disscusion with a paleontologist over on Carnosauria, about dinosaurs living in packs and using mammals who live in similar envroment for comparison (here's a hint, I was for the packs and comparison, he was against.) It's long and boring but you might actually lean something!)




Anonymous said...

Glad you see through the missing link nonsense. I don't think I have the energy to explain the difference between a missing link and a whole freak'n nonexistent chain again.

I can't find Mega Shark vs. Giant Squid to rent. I'm also looking for Outlander; it sounds real good.


Brett said...

"Glad you see through the missing link nonsense. I don't think I have the energy to explain the difference between a missing link and a whole freak'n nonexistent chain again."

This from the guy who didn't know about all the transitional whale fossils;) If you want to get technical, all fossils are 'found links.' But of course 'God did it' is much easier for you to understand;)



Anonymous said...

Naw, let's be fair. I believe in the old pre 1970 standard for transitional fossils. You have to have a chronological order of fossils as they were found in the ground. You can't say well this fossil was found in a stratus level hundreds of thousand years later than the fossil it is supposed to be an ancestor of, but for evolution to be true we'll fudge the carbon dating, or just exclude it all together. Or for the supposed whale transitional fossils. The traditional list is something like this Pakicetus (50 million years ago)
Ambulocetus (49 million years ago)
Rodhocetus (46.5 million years ago)
Procetus (45 million years ago)
Kutchicetus (43-46 million years ago)
Durodon (37 million years ago)
Basilosaurus (37 million years ago)
Aeticetus (24-26 million years ago) from National Geographic.

Sounds pretty air tight until you look at the actual partial fossils found and the tom foolery involved to make this seem like a cohesive lineage. How accurate is it to use part of a ear bone and a few teeth as enough evidence to declare something a walking whale? None of the features in question are any evidence of an evolutionary relationship. Even evolutionists admit that most of the theoretical relationships built on the basis of anatomical similarities between animals are completely untrustworthy.

Under the backbone of Basilosaurus there were small bones found unconnected to the backbone (or a phantom pelvis). Darwinists claim these to be vestigial legs, but science has shown these bones actually had another function for aid in reproduction. Even though we now know these bones to not be ‘vestigial' leg bones, evolutionists are slow to update their printed material to stop claiming this as proof of a transitional form.

Oops I forgot I'm not suppose to point out such blatant facts, I'm supposed to be a dumb dumb Christian who says, "God did it."


Brett said...

Ah, the standard MO of the Creationist.. Simply deny and try to muddy the waters..

Your earbone idea might actually seem pretty plauible until you realized that whales sonar and low frequencies, so specilizations inthe ear ARE a good thing to find. Plus some of those fossils aren't as fragmentary as you like to think.

And those are hip and leg remnants. the sexual aid can not be proven as we have NO animals alive like that. That's just an idea of what those hip and leg remnants MIGHT have been used for. There is no proof. I really fail to see how you can say they are NOT thigh and leg bones, they are in the right spot and even modern whales sometimes have vestigial limbs and bones back there. The sex idea came from snakes as both boas and pythons also have vestigial limbs remnants that they use for sex. The males legs are larger and used to find the cloacal scale and lift it out of the way for easier copulation. They can move them and everything... For boids, the reason they retain the legs is for sex, we have no idea what the leg bones of whales were used for. But ex might be an explination. I got this from a site on whale origins:

'Both basilosaurids and dorudontids had complete hindlimbs, that included a mobile knee and several toes. However these extremities were tiny, so small that they were certainly not important in aquatic propulsion.'

Boy that sounds like a leg to me...

And who 'knows' these are not vestigial leg bones? oh that's right those creation 'scientists' who say 'god did it' as their explination... right. So would you trust these guys to treat you medically? I sure as hell wouldn't!

I would stop now Steve, your only making yourself look the fool.



Anonymous said...


I ordered Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus on Amazon yesterday. It has shipped today. It cost me $21.47 including shipping.


Brett said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info! I'll have to go see if I can order it!