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Friday, April 10, 2009

And I See That Some People Still Don't Get It

We have been on the web for a long, long, time. In that time we have always had the same policy regarding Brett's art: if you want to put it on your web page, you can, provided that you attached a proper copyright notice and a link to our current site. This is a very lax policy; many artists will immediately fire off a cease and desist if you put their work on your page. Brett will allow museums and educational institutions to use his dinosaur art for free, with a copyright notice.

We have had an account on DeviantART for six years. We have always had the same policy there: you may copy Brett's originals, as long as you provide proper attribution. We have this policy even on obviously traced work. We are polite about it and we do not complain to DA first, we give the poster a chance to do the right thing. We do not ask for attribution if the copied art is from one of the drawing books Brett did illustrations for. DeviantART has always had some problems, their complaint driven enforcement of the rules being one, which is inherently unfair. I am quite sure the Leopard anthro complaint came from someone who had copied art that we asked for attribution on. DA has repeatedly removed Brett's anthros because someone complained that they had been stolen, without bothering to check things out. But things have gone seriously down hill in the last year and we have given DA every chance to fix it. They have not, and their totally boneheaded 'enforcement' lately has been the last straw.

If you Google Brett's name, or 'Demonpuppy', DA is on the first page of hits. We removed Brett's art from their site because we don't want to drive traffic to them. They don't deserve it.

I don't care if you think it's childish, or sour grapes or inappropriate. We did what we felt we had to do after a series of problems. This discussion is now over.