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Sunday, April 5, 2009

You might be a homophobe if...

Over on Pharyngula is post a bout a nursing student who happens to be lesbian. She's basically being flunked out of skool because of it. This line caught my attention (as well as PZ's and the commenters) it's from the Teacher (I would assume she's a woman from this:)

"I myself am not homophobic at all, but I would not want a lesbian nurse caring for me when I am vulnerable."

Sounds like a bigot to me, but not convinved? How about we change it up just a bit and get this line:

"I myself am not racist at all, but I would not want a [fill in the blank] nurse caring for me when I am vulnerable. "

Of course the teacher forgot the rest of the 'not homophobic' catch phrase in her original line... "I have gay friends." ..... Right, sure, you betcha.

You can go here for all the jucy tidbits.




Anonymous said...

Why do they always say:"I have several(fill in the blank) friends, when they are trying to prove themselves to someone,lol.

Anonymous said...

Because I think it shows you aren't homophobic. It is a reasonable response, but close minded people like to ridicule those who disagree with homosexuality on a moral basis. It is also wrong to ever compare sexual orientation with issues of race. It isn't a fair comparison. No one chooses their race, but there are plenty of examples of people changing their sexual preference.

Still I doubt if a lesbian nurse is thinking sexual thoughts in a medical environment. Straight or gay a medical person who crosses that line should be repremended.


Brett said...

I agree Anonymous;)


We've been over this again and again, they might choose to be straight but they don't choose to be gay, it's a developmental problem, it happens, you are esentually born gay since it happens in womb. So if you are born gay you can compare it to racism, just because you don't want it to be so doesn't it isn't bigotry.



Kody Boye said...

Like I said on that blog post:

I'd rather have a lesbian save my life while I was dying on a hospital bed than die on a hospital bed without having someone there to help me.

Anonymous said...

That took me back when I was a boy and my mom came home from work and told my dad that a patient she had refused to have her help him because she was black. My dad asked her what she did and she replied "I told him he could seat in his own sh~t until the next shift arrives or he could clean himself." After 2 hours he was more than happy to have her help him.

Brett said...


LOL! I agree, hell if it was a talking dog that could save me I'd be fine with that too;)


Thanks for the story, I loved it!