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Saturday, April 18, 2009

More L.A. Banks Sketches

Vlak version 2.0. The reason we do these is to get the characters right before we start drawing the actual book:)




Big Mike





More soon, I have to figure out who I haven't posted yet, there are a bunch of these guys, it's like drawing the X-men from scratch, 20+ main characters, and that just the good guys!




Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

looks great, thank u. ;)

My favorite characters are Ryder,Dan,Krissy,Jose and Lilith.
Can´t wait to see the rest of the bunch.

Oh, no, why the Dabels don´t do single issues of it, with special covers, Posters etc.? :(

Any news for the release Date ??

I think it´s time for a Press Release. when it will come out in summer there´s nothing out there in the media, only on your blog.

The Dabels have begun to refresh their homepage, a good sign, but Vampire Huntress isn´t mentioned in it.

Your greatest Fan out there ;)



La Maitresse said...

Yay! Been looking forward to seeing these all day. I especially like the one of 'Bazz, Yonnie's afro is awesome too. Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to see more! :D


jez said...

hey, great job on the pics, cant wait for the everyone to be done. Since Im commenting I may as well ask;where could I get frank#1 on the internet?

Brett said...


We might still due single issues but they would only be available online. I'll post more info when I get it.

The Graphic Novel is supposed to be out in December... I think. As far as the press release, we're still waiting on St. Martins press for that. I don't know why they are taking so long but there it is.:)


I double checked with Leslie before I drew the 'fro. She said go for it;)


I don't really know. Maybe on Amazon? The single issue didn't sell well, so there are way more graphic novels than comic books. I'll ask Les when I talk to him today.



Baron said...

Thx for the update Brett, can you show us your coloured covers when they are ready, before the st.Martin? it´s so far away...

what´s up with your commissions?
long time we havn´t seen some ;)

may you post some sketches of defunct/not released comic projects? (like palatime, or from steve´s how to draw kung-fu caracters, etc.)



Crow said...

Great work! I love the sketches and can't wait to see them coloured as well. Love how the characters all look different in face as well as body type!

Baron said...

Hi Brett,

i reaaaalllly miss your Superhero art.
I have searched everywhere in the net for your NIGHTWING Pin up ( it was in a Wizard Magazine page and was coloured by Jess) but i can´t find it.
Have you also a big scan of the MARVEL VISION MAGAZIN 17 cover with the Fantastic Four ???



Brett said...

Hi Baron,

I seem to have missed your last comment, sorry about that.

I've been sort of ill for most of this year, either an illness that kicked my ass or back and arm problems. Getting older SUCKS! SO I haven't done much of any work, commissions and dinosaurs included.

Jess cleaned up the computer last year so everything you are interested in is either on a disk or lost to time. Our external DVD drive died, along with our regular DVD player, so I have no way of getting stuff off the disks. When I'm able to I'll see what I have:)

I really don't know why people still want me to draw superheroes, others do it better. Every time I feel like I'm missing it, I draw a commission and then I remember why I didn't like them. I just don't like drawing them anymore, I'm REALLY burned out with them, even after all these years. Sorry.



Baron said...


sorry for your illness.

I have also problems with my shoulders, back, knees since ten years, and i can imagine how you feel, gettin older sucks really. :(

For me your are the best in drawing Superheroes. With the Jess colouring them you two are one of the best 5 in the comic Industrie.
Your wonderful detailed work, and Jess´s magic colourings, no one can match that, believe me i´m still watching, buying comics since almost 15 Years, and i know a little bit of it.
The Problem for you the last 5-6 years was, that you havn´t had good colourists for your art.

Your Commission art: Shadwopack, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Tiki Girl, blowed me away.
Hope your can post them in a big scan when you get better.

Look on Jim Lee, his style changed so much its darker, not detailed as yours, the older art was much better.

Michael Turner , god bless him, is no more.

Scott Campbell, he do covers for Marvel but nothing more.

I pray, that you can post some Superheroes Commissions in the future.
It´s the best art i´ve ever seen, believe me.



Anonymous said...

Hey Brett

Cool artwork as always. Although i do have to say that i see slight similarities between Shabazz and Serge from your old Backlash stuff. Maybe its the dreads. As always loving your work dude

Steve Moylan