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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spinosaurus 2009 in color

Damn that's an ugly beast;)


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Martin said...

Hi -
Sorry to have to comment here, but I couldn't find a contact link.

Anyhow, I found your art on Zazzle, looked you up on Wikipedia and found your blog. Your dino art is beautiful.

I own, and among others. I purchased the domain for a number of reasons besides the fact they are good names. I have always enjoyed dinosaurs and am now a father of two very bright boys who also enjoy also dinosaurs. One of them has approached the age where he can learn and assist with website development.

If interested, I would love to (re)develop these sites featuring your work. I'd of course provide whatever credit you'd like.

I've been a developer since the mid-90s and currently own around 250 domains with approximately 25% percent being developed.

I have infrastructure to support the project(s) including ample webhosting, scripting, etc. I'm also certified in Photoshop.

Anyhow, if interested, please email me at

Feel free to delete this comment.