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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Therizinosaurus for Leo

I did this awhile ago maybe 2004. It's eating termites. which may or may not have been a food source. Recent finds show that (at least early) Therizinosaurs had feathers that looked more like hair, similar to that of a Kiwi with longer quills projecting from the neck and tail (possibly the back as well but that part of the fossil didn't survive.) So this drawing is a bit out of date but the quills might actually be right:)




Nessie Knows said...

Very cool Brett...did you see that Predator X show on History Channel...I dont know what they were going for but it looked cool.

L. said...

Well...What Can I say, Brett?!?

Thanks a lot for this dedication.


Indeed, this therizinosaurus is beatiful.
Nevertheless, next week 'll write an "article" on my blog 'Geomythologica' about "Segnosaurs" and their 'paulian' legacy in the '80s - their importance on palaeontologists' psychology (!)..."ornithopoid/post-prosauropod/semi-theropod!": that's a fascinanting scheme, I mean, their palaeo-history and past behaviours hypothesis. Your comments will be welcomed!

Thanx again


Brett said...


I did watch that, it was an hour to long;) It was OK, at least the CG animation was better than that Sarcosuchus special. I don't really know why they have to go to the croc farm every time they do anything with bite force. I've seen the same thing about 20 times already, I think they have the info already they just want to show the crocs bitting stuff;)


No problem, it's been on the hard drive for years;) I thought I had put it on DA but I didn't. I do need to do a new one at some point, maybe after the gorgonopsid I'm doing.

Send me a link when you post it:) Have you seen the new Greg Paul website? Ugh... not good:(



JKAPS said...

Wow this is a gorgeous rendition of Therizinosaurus, which is one of my favorite dinosaurs!