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Monday, April 27, 2009

Dissected Emu!

Over on Tetrapod Zoology Darren Naish has a really interesting article on (including pictures!) of a dissected Emu. If you're squeemish don't head over, but since I cut up chicken for the dogs all the time I took a look. 2 things jumped out at me. One, the thighs were really thick, but this is a farm raised animal and they tend to breed for big old thighs. And two, thye have claws on their wings!!! This is appreantly a common thing. Why would a wing have a claw if it was always a wing? Perhaps, because it used to be an arm...

Anyways cool neato stuff!




Anonymous said...

Everything I reads says Emus still use their claws defensively. Almost like someone knew a giant walking pair of drumsticks might need some protection from those who enjoy the taste of birds.


Brett said...


That's true, seeing as how they eat plants... They wouldn't go on the offensive unless protecting their young. And they would be referring to the rear leg claws, they are large and those things can kick! I toyed with the idea of getting some as they are a cool beastie, but the kicking bothered me. the same hold true for it's closest relative the Cassowary. They use their toe claws, in fact the Cassowary has an enlarged second toe claw similar to a raptor.

If someone thought they needed protection perhaps a nice sharp beak or wings/arms that actually stuck out past the feathers would have been nice. Those wings are so small they are merely remnants of wings, they would be even more useless than T.rex's arms.

You're reaching on this one. If that was the case why not just give it arms with larger claws for defense instead of a chicken wing with a claw;) Doesn't seem very smart to me.. but I'm just a mere human, how can I know the thoughts of an 'Intelligent' Designer... Oh wait I just thought of a better design.. Does that mean I now get to run the Universe?

Do you see how the ID falls apart? There are bad designs everywhere. Just good enough works for nature.