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Thursday, April 30, 2009


An old project that may eventually see the light of day. The original design (top drawing) was more of a Frankenstein idea, but it sort of evolved while I was drawing it to a zombie like thing, featuring voodoo and necromancy. I was pretty happy with. Wildstorm expressed an interest in it but I didn't want to do it through them fro various reasons. I was going to publish it through Dreamwave but that whole deal bit the big one. So basically it's been sitting around for years. I still like the story and will eventually try to draw it... I just don't know when. Done in a more traditional comic book style with colors by Jess.




Warmaiden said...

I always liked that guy. He is pretty cool. I bet half of your characters are just sitting around waiting for a story.

FYI, just downloaded all the Frankenstein books you did. Will be reading those over the week. Surprised, however, how little action the book has. I wondering if it harder to just draw characters standing around over doing stuff...Art still looks great though.


Jess said...

It is fairly boring for Brett to draw an entire issue without an action scene. He complains about 'people talking' issues.

Brett said...


It is rather boring to draw, and unfortunately all the action is in the back end of the book:( Most novels are that way, some interspace it a bit but in general all the cool stuff happens last.

The Lifeless project was sent off to Hollywood this week as a proposal. We'll see if anything comes of it. WE might be able to do it at some point in the coming years:)



Baron said...

Looks great Brett, hope we will see this published sometime in the future.

The Characters are great (Deadguy, Necromancer, Bokor, Vee).

And with Jess´s colors it would be a hit.

PS: can you put up the upcoming colored Covers/ Pin-Ups in a bigger version?



redelf said...

OO I remember these! I was so disappointed when this didnt come out.

Anonymous said...

This is completely off subject and I hope I am not asking a impertinent question. But have you ever drawn Morpheus from the Sandman?

Brett said...

Hi Izzy,

No worries, questions are fine:)

I have not drawn Morpheus, but I have drawn Dream a long time ago.



Mike said...

Your art is as impressive as ever, I see. It's a shame that/if you have bad blood with Wildstorm... Backlash was my favorite book back in the day. Not that Wildstorm's put out anything worth reading since it became a part of DC...