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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm sorry I mocked the Pope

After reading this article, Do Not Mock The Pope. I have realized that I was wrong and that the Pope really is the moral pillar of this world...


Geez... I'm really having a hard time understanding how these religious leaders actually keep people listening to them when they spew out such rubbish. But I guess when you're followers think their starved children will be resurrected, they'll be easily manipulated to believe everything you say regardless of the multitude of evidence that shows the opposite. I know it's an extreme example, and those people are most likely in need of medicine, but what about the people who think it's a miricle if a Cheeto looks like a cross or if some folds on a couch look like the face of Jesus (the white anglo Jesus of course, lets forget the fact that he would have been of arabic/middle eastern decent.) If those are what you've got for modern miricles, I have some mystery tonic that cures baldness and increases breast and penis size that I can sell you cheap, only $19.99;)

So once again screw you Popie, and all your little underlings too. Thanks to Stupid Evil Bastard.

Oh, here's a dinosaur picture for those who don't care to listen to my rants:) A Tarbosaurus attacks a giant hadrosaur in prehistoric China.




Nessie Knows said...

Nothing wrong with ranting...keeps you from keeping it in.

Brett said...

Hi Nestor,

This one was done more for fun. My last Pope rant was rage. And you're right, it's not good to keep these things in:)


Well, it's $19.99 a bottle, but you have to keep using it to maintain your new huge penis, but it does take 6 weeks before you will see results;)