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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Backlash mourns, Taboo... not so much.

I received a bit of bad news yesterday, Wildstorm will cease to be at the end of December. Go here for the details. While WS and I didn't always see eye to eye, a good part of my life happened there. First pro work, met Jess there, learned the ins and outs of comic production. So it's with mixed feelings I write this, sad to see it go, hoping that the old WS might see a resurrection in the DC universe. Hoping that whoever does something with Backlash doesn't change stuff just to change stuff.

Good bye Wildstorm, you will be missed.



demonpack said...

You were an epic part of Wildstorm. Thank You.

M.O.R said...

Must be like losing a family member, or a really close friend.

Darn shame. Still, at least DC are stating up front that they plan to use the characters in later works.

Unlike certain other companies who buy the brand, yet or the folded company, yet remain reluctant to use them for anything.

In one way, I am sad to see it go, and would love to see the imprint remain, and would be slightly critical of DC and WS for merging. On the other hand, I applaud DC for stating they plan to continue to use the characters. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long for DC to use them, compared to how long it took DC to use Milestone's characters.

Sean Tourangeau said...

Man Lash was my favorite Wildstorm Character, I will miss him.

Adam said...

Two great distroyed by bad story telling and plot lines the other just.....gone with no resone whatsoever. Wildstorm pulled me back into comics with great new characters like Wildcats,Wetworks and Backlash (and definitly Taboo),fresh story lines and alot of fantastic talent. Sad to see it go, but not surprised.

Cryostar said...

Can eye call dibs on Taboo? *wink*

Jade Starrz said...

I loved Wild Cats. I actually still have issue zero... I used to have it all, it was my favorite. To see it go is a sad thing. I know that DC said it would keep the characters but that scares me more than makes me feel good about things.

Brett said...

Thanks guys. Hopefully they'll return at some point:) Who knows? If i do hear anything I'll spread the word, but I'm usually the last to know;)



Derek Ruiz said...

Jim and Geoff are supposedly planning something for WS characters.

Lot's of people think that WS will return as Digital only then made into printed trades...

Kytha said...

Your character Backlash was bad ass and my very favorite superhero' and the reason I started to read comics and enjoy them to this day, I hope you get a chance, if ya ever want to do superhero's again, at doing Backlash all over again your way would be very cool, and mind if i post this pic and what ya said on the wildstorm boards, One of your fans Kytha.

Brett said...

Hi Kytha,

I'm actually drawing superheroes again now, but for DC proper.

I did see that thread on the WS boards, go right ahead and post away:)