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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jade from GL Corps and the JSA

Just a quick sketch, working on another 8 pager, a little past the halfway point. Trying to take it easy today, that con just wasted me. Any who, felt like I lost 'it' yesterday ('it' as in my drawing mojo, not my mind. I lost that years ago!) so I drew this up to sort of keep me loose.




Anonymous said...

looks good!


DamonO said...

Okay, we've got an official announcement now -- Geoff Johns and Brett Booth on the Larfreeze Christmas Special:

Gregg P. said...

Awesome!! Brett, do you ever sell any of these quick sketches that you do? I would like to have one or two for my collection...they're awesome!! Really like the White Lantern one. Sincerely!! Gregg