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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Backlash Cover

I just wanted to clarify something I said last week. I'm not mad at WS for closing shop, actually I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, low sales will do that. I was just sad to see it go. And when I said "Don't change stuff just change stuff." "Lets give him black hair because it cooler" is what I'm talking about. I understand that to get WS to fit into DC (if that is indeed what they do,) some changes are going to be made. I'd love to be a part of restarting the old WS if they go that route but I also understand some new blood and a fresh look might be in order. I have actually toyed with the idea of restarting Backlash before. We got stuck doing some things with the character I wasn't happy about, because well, BL wasn't a major player, so we sort of got tossed to the side, universe wise. What am I talking about? That Diaz guy from the first Kindred (BloodMoon) was originally supposed to be Grunge's father form Gen 13, but after we drew 2 issues of Kindred it was decided to change him to someone else. For a time BL was Zealots son, which is why we brought the Kheribum stuff in, when the powers that be decided to make Winter from StormWatch Zealots son we had to scramble like we did with Diaz to come up with something to cover our asses. These things happen of course so I'd LOVE to get a chance to do it right, or at least righter;) And Wildcore... we'll just forgot about that shall we;) And I'm still not quite sure what we were doing with Taboo's outfit. I think that was an attempt to bring in some WetWorks elements. It's been awhile.

Of course lightning doesn't always strike twice and it might be a horrible idea!




Adam said...

Hell I'm not gonna knock WildCORE, it gave us a chance to see you version of Zealot so it's not all bad. And I hope like hell you get a shot at restarting things (and hopefully they listen to the good ideas and not pick out the stupid ones cause "that's hot") I think alot of the stuff from Wildstorm would fit in great with DC (again if handled right)..It could open alot of areas they have ignored or neglected such as supernatual and mystical ( don't even get me started on Zantanna,I'm not much of a fan.)plus DC always felt too...plain...I guess, with the exception of the Bat-verse it wasen't dark...but i'm rambling so i'll stop, The bottom line is i hope to see more of your work and your way of seeing things in DC.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed Wildcore. It gave BL a significant role to play in the universe fighting the Drahn, as opposed to being tossed aside and doing the mulder/scully routine looking for SPBs in PSI.

sngoku said...

BL is 1 of my favorite characters of all time! I recall when he branched off of StormWatch into his own book how excited I was picking it up at my local comic shop. I for 1 would definitely pick up a relaunch BL book!

Brett said...

Hi sngoku,

No plans for a new BL book. I've mentioned him to Scott, we may try something with him at some point but I wouldn't plan on it.